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Life is better together.

Groups at Willow are about loving God, loving people, and changing the world as people take next steps with Jesus in community. Groups provide a place to connect, ask questions, find encouragement and care, grow in your gifts, have accountability, and ultimately, experience the love and grace of Jesus through connection with others. Curious about what it means to lead a group at Willow? Hear from our Groups Director, Casey, about the why and how behind leading:

What is a group?

Groups at Willow are a place where people can connect around shared interests, passion, vision, season of life… you name it! If you have a vision for a group at Willow, contact us to get the conversation started! You can complete the form to register your group below or use the contact form to connect with a pastor.

Here are the basic requirements for a group at Willow:

  • Working one or more Rooted rhythm each time they meet
  • Follow the groups schedule of meeting weekly for 10 weeks within a groups term (occurs 3 times a year)
  • Connected to the care of a coach
  • Led by a Rooted graduate regularly attending Willow
  • Comprised of adults 18 or older


There are a few guardrails designed to protect groups at Willow. A group cannot be:

  • Based on political or divisive ideas
  • Using a business model, making money, or self promotion
  • Groups focusing on mental-health topics must be approved by the pastoral care team (will be handled during the registration process)
  • Engaging in behaviors or activities involving unnecessary risk, potential harm, or inappropriate behavior that conflict with the Willow leadership agreement or church policies (e.g. drunkenness, gambling)


In the resources section, you will find a Group Leader Guide with detailed information about leading a group, including expectations, available resources, and helpful coaching tips to get you started.

Want to lead a group?
Let us know what type of group you’d like to lead, when, and where! Summer groups kick off on June 2 and the directory opens on May 5, so register your group today!
Become a leader

All group leaders at Willow must go through our volunteer screening process to ensure this is a great fit for you!

Experience Rooted

One of the primary requirements for group leaders is that they are Rooted graduates. Haven’t yet been through Rooted? That’s the best place to start!

Leader Resources

Our groups team is committed to supporting you as a leader. Connect with your pastor, coach, or check out these great resources, all designed to help equip you to lead well!


Not sure what you need? Connect with the Groups Team below.