Idea to get started

When you lead a group, you can help people experience the transformative power of community (and have fun)! Groups can be many things: A place to meet new people, explore and grow in faith, find hope and healing, and make a difference in your community.

Here are some ideas on what types of groups you can lead and how to lead your group week-to-week.

Types of groups

Groups at Willow can be many things! We just ask that you and your group practice one of the Rooted rhythms.


Our group directory categorizes groups into five main areas:

  • Rooted
  • Bible & Faith
  • Care & Support
  • Life Stage
  • Shared Interest
  • Serving

Your group can fall into multiple categories.

Wondering what type of group to start? Here are some ideas for the summer:

Roller Coaster riders • Cooking/BBQ/Cookout • Hiking • Bird watchers • Yacht Club • Bibles in Backyards • Summer blockbuster movies • Dog park • Kayaking group • Playground crawl • Bonfires and Bibles • Gardening • Summer Concert Crawl • Softball league • Camping • Summer book club • Walking and chatting • Crossfit • Brunching • Biking • Motorcycle riders • “The chosen” view party • Flea market group • Farmers market group • Trees and tots • Ice Creamery tour • Coffee shop hop • Fishing derby • Pop up group (new location each week, announced day before) • Golf group • Sand volleyball

Time Expectations

Leading a group can be easy, but it does take intentionality and time to prepare! Here’s what you can expect

  • A group leader training (2–3 hours, once a term)
  • Time to prepare for your group (20–60 minutes/week, depending on content)
    • Note: Rooted groups include daily readings
  • A weekly small group meeting (ranging from 1–3 hours)
  • Connecting with your coach (1 meeting per term with digital check ins, as needed)

Resources for your weekly meeting


As a leader, you have a ton of flexibility in how you structure your group meeting! Rooted groups have a more solid framework than shared interest groups, but most great groups have a few key components:

  1. Personal connection/Check-in
  2. Experience / Facilitate Discussion
  3. Closing & Prayer

Check out this universal group guide for some ideas!


RightNow Media

Weekly Group Guide

Simple check-in questions

  • What was the best/hardest part of your week?
  • Pow, Wow, & Chow
    • Pow: Something hard you went through this week
    • Wow: Something good or anything worth celebrating
    • Chow: The best thing you ate this week
  • How can we be praying for you?
  • What is God teaching you right now?

Share the leadership load

Leading a group is a fantastic opportunity to empower and develop someone else (and share the leadership load). Instead of leading the group yourself, find someone who can lead with you.

Ready to dive in?

Become a leader

All group leaders at Willow must go through our volunteer screening process to ensure this is a great fit for you! Start that process here.

Register your group

Let us know what type of group you’d like to lead, when, and where! Register your group here.