Are you wanting to create more space to spend time with God?

With all relationships, they can only grow by spending intentional time with each other. The more we try to understand one another, the more that relationship can develop and expand.

Our time together with God is no different and it’s up to us to prioritize and create spaces for us to grow in His word and with each other. If you are looking for an easy and simple place to start, here is RightNow Media. Whether it’s with your small group or for personal study, we have partnered with RightNow Media to cultivate content that you can use to grow in your relationship with God. Choose your Willow location to get started!

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Additional Resources

RightNow Media FAQ’s
RightNow Media Leader Guide FAQ’s
RightNow Media Virtual Group FAQ’s

RightNow Media, like all things, is merely a tool. We have partnered with them knowing that there is a vast amount of resources available on this platform. We have done our best to healthily provide recommendations but we are also trusting you as parents, small group leaders, and followers of Christ to practice discernment and to seek to understand as you might run into content that you don’t agree with.