The Impact Of Your Generosity

When you give to Willow, you give through Willow to show God’s love in practical ways locally and globally, living out the Good News of Jesus and helping people take their next steps with Him.

Year-End Giving

Jesus established the church to be a force for transformative good in the world—a group of people committed to meeting needs, showing compassion, and sharing a message of hope. We believe our purpose as a church is to do just that.

By giving to our general fund or giving above-and-beyond to our Year-End Giving initiative, you can fuel life change and transformation in our neighborhoods and around the world.

Ways To Give

Give for the first time or set up recurring giving

Already giving to Willow? We changed giving platforms so that we can do even more good with your generosity.

On the App
Use the My Well App to manage your giving easily

Download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Dollar Club
Give a dollar, make an impact

Each week, we challenge every person across all our campuses to give just $1 to make an impact in our community together. Every dollar we collect will be used to bless someone in need—and you can nominate people from our community to be dollar club recipients.

Indicate your campus in the memo line and mail your check to

Willow Creek Community Church, Attn: Accounting
67 Algonquin Road, South Barrington, IL 60010

During Weekend Services

We celebrate the gift of giving and receive cash and check contributions each weekend during our worship services.

What's your next step in generosity?

When you realize everything you have is a gift from God, something changes. Jesus’ vision of an Acts 2 church becomes an ever-present reality. Needs are met, poverty is alleviated, injustice is fought, healing is found, and eternities are transformed through the power of Christ and His church. When you open your hands to give, not only does our church, community, and city change, but you also change. What type of giver will you be?

Compassionate Giver | Prov. 19:17

You decide to give for the first time or give towards a compassion initiative like Celebration of Hope or the Dollar Club.

Consistent Giver | 1 Cor. 16:2

You decide to give any amount on a regular basis by signing up for recurring giving through our giving platform, MyWell.

Christ-first Giver | Deut. 14:23

You begin to give 10% of your income (what the Bible calls a tithe) to the local church as an act of worship, prioritizing God through your financial commitments.

Catalytic Giver | 1 Tim. 6:17-19

You think about long-term generosity, aiming to contribute above and beyond a tithe to catalyze ministry initiatives. Select “Catalytic Giver” in this next step form to receive emails about future giving opportunities.

Contributions Statements

Click here to access your 2021 contributions statement and year-to-date giving records.

Accountability, non-cash giving, and more.

Weekly Giving Report

Financial Resources

Are you looking for ways to grow in generosity? Do you need practical tools to learn about money management, paying off debt, or planning for the future? Check out our financial resource page as a way to get started.