A place for dads and kids to connect: Camp Paradise

Located in the wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the banks of the Tahquamenon River, Willow Creek’s Camp Paradise is only accessible by boat. The rustic facilities, which utilize wood-burning water heaters, boast an amazing camp kitchen, a beautiful chapel, and unbeatable, star-filled skies. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings without the distractions of wifi or cell signal.

Camp Paradise is owned and operated as a ministry of Willow Creek Community Church

The camp experience

About Camp Paradise

Camp Paradise began in 1976, when donors—moved by what God can do in young peoples’ lives through a Christian camp experience—donated a cabin with 720 acres of land to Willow Creek. Over the next 40 years more divine property purchases resulted in the current spread of 1,000 acres that Camp Paradise inhabits. In fact, it was the first property ever owned by Willow Creek! Thousands of volunteers have since made the 450-mile trek from Willow to camp each spring and fall, constructing and improving the facility to what it is today. Each year, these peaceful and remote grounds house the spring construction/maintenance camps, and summertime father-child retreats.

Meet the Team

Curtis Vanden Bos
Camp Director
Susan Vanden Bos
Camp Associate
Deana Liggett
Office Manager
Dan Lovaglia
Camp Pastor
Abigail Dean
Communications Coordinator
Louisa Michael
Kitchen Manager


Curtis Vanden Bos

Deana Liggett