Recover Hurts and Habits Huntley

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Do the rest of your life better. Let RECOVER help.

7–8:30 p.m., Thursdays | Room 2125 (Entrance 27)

We all face struggles that hold us back. Don't let your struggles win. Willow Creek Huntley's RECOVER program offers a safe, authentic environment where you can heal and grow. Give RECOVER a try—and take a step toward doing the rest of your life better.

It's my first time at RECOVER. What can I expect?

You will be greeted at Door 27 with a smile. Head up the stairs. As you enter the room, you’ll notice that we group by gender. Head toward “your” table. Following announcements, you'll hear a short talk rooted in our recovery values. When RECOVER breaks after the talk, head to the Newcomers Table, where you'll meet other first-timers and a leader who will provide an overview of our RECOVER program. Share a bit of your story (if you'd like) and the leader will help you find your way. 


  • Do I need to register? Nope! Just show up. 
  • Is there a cost? No. RECOVER is free.
  • I'm not much of a churchgoer. Can I still come? Absolutely! RECOVER welcomes everyone—from all churches and faith backgrounds, or no faith at all.
  • I’m confused! Where do you meet? In Room 2125 of Huntley High School. Enter Door 27. (When you enter the high school’s main entrance, you’ll come to a T and a “no right turn” sign. Turn right! (Yep.) Door 27 is hard to miss. A greeter will be there to point the way.
  • Does RECOVER meet every Thursday? RECOVER meets every Thursday that the building is open. Upcoming closures: November 21 for Thanksgiving and December 26 for Christmas. 
  • What kind of issues can RECOVER help me overcome? RECOVER groups help two primary types of people: Those who are struggling with relationships, and those who are working on their own unhelpful patterns and coping mechanisms. Common issues include: setting healthy boundaries;(truly) helping a loved one with an addictive pattern; finding your voice; issues with control or anger; people pleasing (codependency); alcohol abuse; prescription drug addiction or illegal drug use; sexual betrayal; pornography; food issues; gaming; gambling; social-media addiction; and more. If you're open to grow and heal, you'll find help here. 



    What’s the Recover Program like?

    The RECOVER program is comprised of two key components—large-group time (30 minutes) and small-group time (60 minutes)—plus optional hang-out time before and after. 

    Large-group teaching: During the first 30 minutes of RECOVER, you'll hear someone teach about one of the values of recovery's 12 steps. Teachers are often leaders from our RECOVER program who share about their past struggles and how they found help and hope in their own recovery journey. 

    Small groups and materials: Willow Creek produces its own curriculum, rooted in the Christian faith and 12-step principles. 

    RECOVER small groups are structured around four progressive modules: you’ll work through each module at your own pace. During group time, you'll have an opportunity to share your progress, growth, and struggles with this confidential, authentic community.

    You are welcome and safe at RECOVER.

    Who does RECOVER help?

    Everyone can benefit from a season in RECOVER. Whether you're working on a relationship issue with others or seeking to overcome struggles of your own, RECOVER can help.

    Common issues RECOVER addresses include: people pleasing (codependency); setting healthy boundaries; finding forgiveness (for self or others); helping a loved one with an addictive or unhelpful pattern; finding your voice; issues with control or anger; alcohol abuse; prescription or illegal drug abuse or addiction; sexual betrayal; pornography; social-media addiction; food issues; gaming; gambling, and more.

    If you're looking to grow and heal, RECOVER can help.


    Questions? Contact Jim.