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Welcome to Willow! We’re so excited to gather on Sundays—in person and online—for services, kids, and student programs. As always, you can check out a service on WillowCreek.TV, or plan a Sunday visit at one of our Chicagoland locations.

Current Series
What If It's True?

We’ve all heard stories about Jesus: He walked on water, fed 5000, and is believed to have come back from the dead. But what if it’s true? What if He lived the full human experience experiencing the temptations and challenges of life, just like us? What if He knows what it’s like to be where you’re at, but has the ability to carry you through? Dive into the life of Jesus—see where He walked and talked—and discover the potential for His truth to transform your life.

Upcoming message

March 26

We are conditioned to desire approval—from gold stars and minor-league trophies, to good grades and performance-based raises. But what happens when the pressure of approval becomes your main pursuit? See how Jesus remained anchored in who God said He was and learn how to reorient your identity in the truth of who He is.

April 2

We’ve all experienced it: The pain of someone breaking a promise, not following through, or worse, abandoning or betraying you. And yet, Jesus tells us to not only love those who love us, but to love our enemy and pray for those who persecute us. Easier said than done! See how Jesus experienced betrayal that ultimately led to His death and learn what the reality of His response means for you today.

April 7

Oftentimes we ask God to make things easier. We want less pain, less suffering, or a different way forward. Jesus did the same thing. Right before He faced beatings and death on a cross, He prayed for God to provide another way. But ultimately, He knew the path before Him and declared, “May your will be done” (Matthew 26:42). This Good Friday, find encouragement that Jesus knew the depths of dread and found a way forward.

April 9

Each Easter we celebrate the truth that Jesus defeated death—but it begins with Him facing betrayal, beatings, and the brutality of the cross. The three days before He rose were filled with questions and doubts, but then new life broke forth, ushering in a Kingdom of hope for the here and now. Dive into the final days of Jesus’ life on earth to learn what the truth of His resurrection means for you today!

April 16

Jesus’ story didn’t end with Him raising from the dead. In Acts 2, we see His followers gathered for Pentecost when suddenly they are filled with the Holy Spirit. This moment dispersed the power of Jesus into each of His followers, establishing the church as a transformative force in the world. Let’s experience the truth of His presence in our lives and celebrate with those making their faith public through Baptism.

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