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What Gives?

Current SeriesWhat Gives?

Money is a hot topic—in our culture and even in the Bible! But what gives? Jesus knew how we viewed and handled our money reflected more than our financial savvy, it revealed our hearts and desires. True generosity is an act of surrender and worship, a tangible extension of God’s heart to redeem and restore the world. So what gives? You might be surprised to learn it’s about how you give, not how much.

February 11

Most people don’t just give things away for no reason, it comes as a response or reaction to something. When was the last time you gave (and why)? Giving generously is an act of worship in response to God’s generosity and goodness to us. We’ll explore where the concept of a tithe came from in Genesis 14 to reveal how the motivation means more than the measure.

February 18

Do you remember flipping through magazines or seeing commercials (or digital ads) for something you wanted but had to save for? The satisfaction that came from saving to finally afford it made the purchase that much sweeter. Now, how much greater satisfaction can we experience when we give from a place of sacrifice, rather than abundance, toward the Kingdom of God? Whether you think you have a lot or a little, you can experience deep joy through sacrificial giving for the good of others.

February 25

The New Testament church modeled generosity practices that transformed the world around them. They gave so no one among them had needs. That type of radical giving and support through the church changed their community so that widows were welcomed in, orphans had homes, and the sick were cared for—and Jesus still wants to do that work through us, His church, today. Who knows what would happen if we understood the power of our giving!

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