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Welcome to Willow! We’re so excited to gather on Sundays—in person and online—for services, kids, and student programs. As always, you can check out a service on WillowCreek.TV, or plan a Sunday visit at one of our Chicagoland locations.

Current Series: We Are Willow

Love God. Love people. Change the world. It’s a catchy phrase, but as a church, we want it to be so much more than that! We want to love God, love people, and change the world where we live, work, and play by following the example of Jesus: He loved without compromise, pursued without fear of rejection, served without expectation, and purely reflected God’s unwavering grace for all—and we can do the same.

Upcoming messages

January 9
Love God

At times, we can be selective about when and how we love God, but He desires for us to love Him wholeheartedly all of the time. We can display our love for Him in every area of our lives, from how we pray and worship to how we interact with strangers and live generously.

January 16
Love People

It’s easy to love people who encourage, are friendly, and agree with us, but God longs for us to love all people across all boundaries, pursuing the type of community where no need is left unmet. Let’s seek to be an Acts 2 church, committed to loving how He first loved us.

January 23
Change the World

Our world has experienced crisis after crisis, and at times, the needs around us can be overwhelming. What if we became obsessed with seeing those needs change, one act of kindness, love, and generosity at a time? Kids would have homes, marriages would be restored, families would have food, loneliness and depression would lower, debt would be erased, justice would be found, and lives would be transformed in the name and power of Jesus.

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