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Welcome to Willow! We’re so excited to gather on Sundays—in person and online—for services, kids, and student programs. As always, you can check out a service on WillowCreek.TV, or plan a Sunday visit at one of our Chicagoland locations.

Current Series: Unsung

Often the most heroic things we do are the things nobody sees: the faithful commitment to prayer, the mentoring of a teenager, the anonymous gift, the intentional healing journey, the consistency of character—it all leaves a legacy, and it is often unsung. This Sunday, we begin a new teaching series exploring lesser-known faith heroes who will challenge us, inspire us, and show that our faithfulness to God’s work matters more than we think.

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May 8
Unsung Love

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Willow!
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, mother figures, and amazing women in our lives! Today we learn about an incredible mother in the Bible: Hannah.

May 15
Unsung Wisdom

Esther is one of the bravest and most inspiring women in the Bible, stepping into a dangerous situation to save an entire nation. But she wasn’t alone; her cousin Mordecai helped guide, coach, equip, pray for, and encourage Esther along her journey. Mordecai is the unseen and unsung hero in today’s teaching.

May 22
Unsung Courage

Throughout Benaiah’s life, he shows up to all the challenges he faces and gets through them with the kind of courage that only God can give. Because of this, he became a valued leader under King David. Learn more about this Unsung hero.

May 29
Unsung Sacrifice

Her name is not shared in the Bible, but she sure makes a significant impact! The woman with the alabaster jar, seen in the book of Luke, who anoints Jesus’ feet with her expensive perfume, shows us that no matter who you are, Jesus loves you.

June 5
Unsung Healing

Some of the greatest heroes are the people who call out the broken parts of us and walk us through the process of restoration and healing. We will explore Galatians 6 and what it means to “restore a brother or sister gently.” Learn how lives have been changed and saved because someone courageously walked the arduous journey of healing with someone else.

June 12
The Wizard of Oz and Unsung Leadership

Willow Friends presents the Wizard of Oz in South Barrington.

We’ll learn from our campus pastors as they teach about Unsung Leadership. King Josiah, whose story unfolds in the book of 2 Kings, was an amazing, courageous example of leadership, and he was only eight when he became king! Paul’s letters to Timothy urges Timothy not to allow anyone to look down on him just because he is young. What can we learn from the young leadership of Timothy and King Josiah?

June 19
Unsung Guidance

Celebrate Father’s Day!
This week we celebrate all the men, fathers, and father figures in our lives! Guest speaker Jodi Hickerson joins us to celebrate her father, former Willow Teaching Pastor Mike Breaux.

June 26
Unsung Service

This week we’re bringing you stories of volunteering and how people have changed lives, even their own lives, being the hands and feet of Jesus in service to others.

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