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Overflow - 9 fruits of the spirit in the Bible

Current Series

It’s easy to be kind, loving, and patient when everything is going well. But what happens when you’re stressed—or worse, when you’re treated unjustly. Jesus said we’d be known by our fruit. We must learn to live connected to the Spirit so that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, and self-control isn’t just something we talk about, it becomes our overflow.

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October 1

The fruit of the Spirit aren’t individual attributes we acquire, but a holistic vision of what it looks like to live and act like Jesus. Nothing can separate us from the love of God—and, when we are connected to the Holy Spirit, we begin to live out that selfless love toward others.

October 8

Would you consider yourself a patient person? It’s not a top trait in today’s fast-paced culture, but the Holy Spirit gives us the power to quiet our souls and minds so that we can set aside the spinning plates, stop reacting, and live with a patience that slows us down.

October 15

Life can be hard, but some people have the ability to remain steadfast in joy even through the worst days and the hardest news. Joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus is strength against darkness, anchored in the truth of who God is and what His promises are. So how do you get that kind of joy? Tune in this weekend to find out!

October 22

We often consider peace to be a sense of calm, but true, biblical peace is much more than that. It’s the absence of brokenness and the ceasing of wars. Jesus wants you to experience peace that gives you a healed mind, heart, and soul in the midst of a broken and fractured world.

October 29

Kindness can be seen as passive or meek, but when it’s lived out like Jesus, it becomes a powerful force against injustice and cruelty. Discover how you can connect to the Holy Spirit in a way that empowers you to respond to hate, injustice, and anger with a kindness that leads to transformation.

November 5

Being “good” is often defined by whether you do the right or wrong thing, but the kind of goodness Jesus calls us to goes much deeper than that. It’s more about who you are at the core and less about what you do, which is transformation that can come only through the Holy Spirit. Dive into the Bible to explore how we can receive forgiveness, find freedom, and be changed in a way that reflects goodness to those around us.

November 12

Does being gentle make you weak? Jesus didn’t think so! He was willing to open His arms to the sinners, outcasts, and people with diseases to demonstrate what it means to set aside your position and power to serve. While that may not come naturally, the Holy Spirit gives us the eyes and ability to be Christ to those around us.

November 19

Who is someone you trust and rely on? What makes them trustworthy? Oftentimes they’re consistent and true to their word—they’re faithful. Being faithful stewards of our thoughts, time, energy, and resources not only proves us to be reliable, but expands the Kingdom of God in our midst!

November 26

Instant gratification satisfies but rarely pays off in the end. So what do you do when you’re tempted? The Holy Spirit gives us the power of self-control, enabling us to surrender our desires and impulses to Jesus so we can live in step with Him. Discover simple ways you can gain self-control in your life as we wrap up Overflow.

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