We believe that everyone should experience financial freedom in order to live and give generously, making an impact on our community and around the world! And we all have a next step we can take! Sometimes that means making changes to your current reality to find financial freedom. Check out the financial resources below (many contributed by the Willow community) to see which one might help you plan for the future, pay off debt, invest wisely, or give you the tools to take your next step.

Resources & Next Steps

Group Curriculum


Estate Planning Planning


Take your next step in generosity

When you realize everything you have is a gift from God, something changes.

Jesus’ vision of an Acts 2 church becomes an ever-present reality. Needs are met, poverty is alleviated, injustice is fought, healing is found, and eternities are transformed through the power of Christ and His church.

When you open your hands to give, not only does our church, community, and city change, but you also change – shifting from fear to faith, control to surrender, and scarcity to generosity.

Compassionate Giver | Prov. 19:17
You decide to give for the first time or give towards a compassion initiative like Celebration of Hope or the Dollar Club.

Consistent Giver | 1 Cor. 16:2
You decide to give any amount on a regular basis by signing up for recurring giving through our giving platform, MyWell.

Christ-first Giver | Deut. 14:23
You begin to give 10% of your income (what the Bible calls a tithe) to the local church as an act of worship, prioritizing God through your financial commitments.

Catalyst Giver | 1 Tim. 6:17-19
You are excited to fuel ministry through your generosity (above and beyond a tithe) and you want more information on the Catalyst Team.