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Willow Global re-fuels the ministries of local churches, shares the hope of Christ, and fights poverty and injustice in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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Together, we can bring compassion and justice into our hurting world.

Global Engagement at Willow Crystal Lake

Our strategy for fighting poverty and injustice on a global scale is to partner with local churches and organizations committed to the holistic transformation of their communities through prayer, relationship development, and resourcing. Willow Crystal Lake offers multiple ways to engage globally by going on an international serving trip.

2019 Serving Trips 

July 13–20 | El Salvador Family Serving Trip 

Join our global team in El Salvador this summer and help set the course for Willow Crystal Lake’s compassion and justice efforts abroad. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with and learn from our church partner and other local organizations. To learn more about this trip and to apply to join the team, email Julie.

October 31 – November 11 | Zambia Adult Serving Trip 

Join our global team in Zambia this fall. We will help facilitate leadership development and counseling through the local church partnership as well as participate in final touches on the new school block that was provided through your Celebration of Hope giving. To learn more about this trip and to apply to join the team, email Karen


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El Salvador

We are currently partnering with an organization called ENLACE to serve a group of seven churches in Santa Ana, an area in western El Salvador. According to national homicide statistics, El Salvador is the most violent nation in the Americas. The open presence of gangs in most neighborhoods and the overriding culture of fear also attest to this reality. Diminishing water supplies and the $2/day average income also make daily life extremely difficult for most families.

Despite these enormous challenges, our partner churches are successfully working with public schools, local health clinics, and municipal water boards to bring about change. They're organizing agricultural cooperatives, training families in how to plant home gardens for food and income, assisting people in the construction of latrines, and developing healthy systems for trash disposal. These churches gather together across denominational boundaries to lead these efforts, working together, holding prayer vigils to pray against gang violence, and organizing community wide evangelism efforts to preach the Gospel to those in desperate need of hope.