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Begin a journey of transformation with other women by building friendships and engaging in community together through our classes.  These classes offer large-group teaching and small-group discussion on a range of Bible, parenting, and topical issues for women of all ages and stages of spiritual growth.

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Night of Encouragement

8 p.m., Thursday, May 14

Enjoy an evening of encouragement featuring a message from Jo Saxton and connection with other women of Willow. Register here.


Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Book of Hebrews: Keeping Our Eyes on Jesus

Class begins February 4

Tuesdays • 9:30–11:30 a.m. (weekly)

Room: Waterfall 2

Teacher: Peggy Walding

Childcare available


In Jesus, the whole world received a complete picture of who God is -- what He's like and how He loves us. With His picture before our eyes, we can live faithfully -- and not only faithfully but also confidently. Whatever blessings we receive, whatever sufferings we endure, we can look forward to the life God promises. Why? Because we've already seen that life in Jesus. In this year-long class, around tables in community we will study Hebrews and receive the confidence we need for whatever hurdles we are facing today.

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Matthew: Following the King of Kings

Class begins February 5

Wednesday • 9:30–11:30 a.m. (weekly)

Room: Waterfall 2

Teacher: Patti Kulpinski

Childcare available


Book: The Wiersbe Bible Study Series Matthew – The Kings of Kings by Warren Wiersbe

How well do you know the King? Many Bible scholars believe that the book of Matthew is the most important document of the Christian faith. It con-nects the Old and New Testaments and introduces the King. Matthew, the first of the Gospels, was written to clear up the truth about the Messiah. As we all live out what we believe it is important to KNOW the King. Strengthen your faith as you walk through the pages of this book seeing for yourself Jesus, deity and power - power that changes lives….even yours!

Moms with Teens

Book: Growing With by Kara Powell and Steven Argue

Class begins February 6

Thursdays • 9:30–11:30 a.m. (weekly)

Room: Waterfall 1

Teachers: Kathy Gregg and Sharon Schulze

Childcare available



"Many parents of a teenager or young adult feel as though they're guessing about what to do next--with mixed results. We want to stay connected with our maturing child, but we're not sure how. And deep down, we fear our child doesn't want or need us. But growing up doesn't have to mean growing apart."

"Growing With equips you to take steps toward your teenager or young adult in a mutual journey of intentional growth that trusts God to transform your entire family."

Whether you and your tween, teen, or emerging adult are succeeding or struggling, come as you are to experience a lifeline of grace and truth through relatable teaching and authentic community with moms who are in the midst of the journey with you. Join us this semester as we will be studying the book Growing With by Kara Powell, author of "Sticky Faith" and Steven Argue. 

Sacred Journey

Book: Discernment, God’s Will and Living Jesus: Christian Discernment as a Way of Life by Larry Warner

Class begins February 6

Thursday • 9:30–11:30 a.m. (weekly)

Room: Waterfall 2

Teachers: Joan Kelley and Gail Donahue

Childcare available


You are being invited on an interactive adventure of faith that will help you become a “discerning person” rather than a “person who makes decisions.” We will be learning how to let go of certainty and control in exchange for a life of dependence, risk, faith and trust – the kind of life Jesus lived.

Each day we are making hundreds of decisions, consciously and subconsciously – decisions that form and shape our hearts and our lives and in truth prepare us to make the “big” decisions. There is a tendency to see discernment in terms of the big decisions of life, but our focus will be on discernment as a relational way of life. This book is designed to help you to walk with God through life, open and sensitive to the leading of God.

Come and discover how discernment can be a way of life in this spiritual formation focused class. Larry Warner’s book, Discernment, God's Will & Living Jesus: Christian Discernment as a Way of Life, will be our guide. Our class time will include spiritual practices, teaching, individual guided solitude and small group discussion aimed at helping you grow deeper in your spiritual life. We look forward to having you! Purchase your book now through Seeds and receive it in class on the first day! Early pick up is also available through Seeds. Your book purchase is discounted and Seeds members will also receive rewards points.


Mothers of Preschoolers

Class begins January 24

Fridays • 9:30–11:30 a.m. (twice a month)

Room: Waterfall 2

Childcare available

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MOPS encourages, equips, and helps women become better moms. MOPS International connects mothers all over the world to a community of women right in their own neighborhoods, who meet together to laugh, cry, and embrace the journey of parenting infants and preschoolers.

Willow's MOPS groups are a safe place for women to be authentic with their successes and their struggles; to be better equipped in the vital roles they play; and to find their identity by journeying alongside one another.

Mothers of Elementary Students

Class begins January 31

Fridays • 9:30-11:30 a.m. (twice a month)

Room: Guest Central

Childcare available


Mothers of Elementary Students continues the vision of MOPS – to connect, encourage, and equip Moms of Elementary Students to love and serve our families with excellence, humility, and joy. Our class will provide moms with practical parenting tools, authentic small group discussions, and extra resources to help us raise our children on a solid foundation of wisdom and spiritual Truth. Join us every other Friday morning this winter as we learn and grow together.


Class begins February 8

Saturdays • 9–10:45 (weekly)

Room: B207

Teacher: AnnaMaria Mattey

Childcare available


Are you working full time? Trying to keep up with your full social calendar? Running all over while trying to keep yourself ‘presentable?’ In the midst of an incredibly busy season of life, are you also desiring to go deep in your relationship with God? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then this class is for you! Cultivate is designed to help you grow into more of who God made you to be. Join us Saturday mornings as we learn about cultivating God’s love in our lives; all while making new friendships and having some fun along the way!

Work Love Pray

Series: Developing The Leader Within You

Teacher: Kathryn Tack

Class begins January 18

Saturdays • 9–11 a.m. (twice a month)

Guest Central




Are you driven to succeed and grow in your career? Do you want to sharpen your leadership skills at home and in your workplace while connecting with like-minded professional women? 

At this bi-weekly transformational experience, you will learn how to integrate your Christian faith, work and relationships.

The goal of these sessions is to satisfy the souls of hungry and thirsty leaders.

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