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The first step in getting started at Willow Creek is discovering the location you'll call home! Willow Creek has 8 locations around Chicagoland, including our Spanish-speaking congregation, Casa de Luz. Each location offers weekend services, programs for kids & students, small groups for adults, opportunities to volunteer, and support through tough seasons. Click here to view all Willow Creek locations—or take a look at what our services are like on Willow Creek TV.

A Place to Belong:

At Willow Creek South Barrington weekend services, many of us sit in the same Main Auditorium sections each week, providing a place to belong in medium-sized groups called Sections. Section Communities are organized around age groups, common interests, or the ministries in which we serve. If you are a guest at Willow South Barrington, start with Section 104 (front and center) which is designated for Willow Guests during all weekend services.

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Watch one family's story of wanting to be anonymous to being fully connected: 



Discover Your Spiritual Gifts:

Find your volunteering "sweet spot" in this class by identifying your calling as part of the local church. Find a class here

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Learn about Willow South Barrington's ministries, history, beliefs and values at a Getting Started session, offered monthly. Additionally, you can learn more about Willow Creek and ways you can get connected before or after each weekend service at our Starting Place booth in the Main Lobby. Getting Started is hosted in Guest Central following weekend services on:

August 18/19

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts:

God has given you gifts and talents to make our world—and our church—a better place! Attend Discover Your Spiritual Gifts to learn how God uniquely wired you, and explore ways God might use you to build up the body of Christ. Everyone is welcome! The next class is at 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 1. Learn more here.