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Current Series: Standing Strong in a Shaken World

The events of the last several weeks have sent shockwaves throughout the world, shaking the foundations of every facet of life. The things in which we’ve trusted have cracked. The things we've taken for granted have been tested. We’ve been required to adapt quickly to a world that’s been radically reshaped, and now it seems as though we’re finally beginning to be able to ask important questions: How am I holding up? What am I really feeling?

The scriptures anticipated times like these. Many of the bible’s most valuable principles are predicated on the assumption that from time to time it will seem as though the whole world is being rattled at its core. For the next five weeks, we’ll explore the stories and passages that show us how we can stand strong in a shaken world. 


Standing Strong In a Shaken World
April 18/19  | Ray Johnston

Throughout the pages of the Bible, calamities strike, desperation is on display, and empires rise and fall. But God has not changed, an unshakeable presence even when all of history has been in tumult. Even in troubled times we can let God love us, change us, and use us. 

Download April 18/19 message notes here.


Standing Strong In Peace
April 25/26  | Matt Wright

When it feels like the whole word is changing, God suggests that one of the ways in which we might cope is by making some changes of our own. God invites us to have our minds changed, renewed, and transformed, reshaping our worry and anxiety into worship and gratitude. 

Download April 25/26 message notes here.


Standing Strong In Truth
May 2 & 3  | Albert Tate

Most of the things in which we trusted are crumbling at the foundations. Perhaps the cracks had already begun to show, but this crisis has fully (and quickly) revealed just how fragile they were all along. Is there something greater in which we can trust? As the headlines shout facts that threaten to overwhelm us, is there a Truth that can stand even stronger?

Download May 2 & 3 message notes here.

Standing Strong In Faith
May 9/10  | Megan Marshman

We often wonder where strength comes from in times like these, and it can be easy to turn toward external options. But the strongest among us—and especially some of the moms we know—seem to possess a deep-down kind of strength. God longs to strengthen us in our “inner being,” gracing us with an unshakeable faith. But what is faith, exactly? Is it a wish? A belief? This Mother’s day, let’s explore a deeper understanding of what it means to have faith.. 

Download the May 9/10 message notes here.

Read Kara Powell's Cellphone Contract that Megan mentions in her message.

Standing Strong In Community
May 16/17  | Matt Wright

Social distancing has quickly entered the common vernacular. But how quickly does social distancing devolve into social isolation? Some of us are further than we’ve ever been, and others of us are closer than ever. But are any of us together? How can we can lean on and learn from one another, each helping the other to stand strong? 

Download the May 16/17 message notes here.

Standing Strong In A Weary World
May 23/24  | Eugene Cho

We all left normal behind months ago, and as we look toward finding a new normal—one full of new challenges and real hope—we can feel weary with the weight of all that we’ve endured. Even when we know the power of the resurrection.... Even when we know the truth… it can be a hardship to live in the in-between, that place between where we were and where we will be. As we look at John 21, we’ll ask: How do we find what it takes to persevere?


Download the May 23/24 message notes here.

Standing Strong In A Forgetful World
May 30/31  | Megan Marshman

It’s easy for any of us to forget what’s brought us through hard times and what will carry us into brighter ones. In Deuteronomy 8, as God’s people prepared to step into the Promised Land, Moses reminded them to look to who God had been. The one who freed them, defended them, fed them, mended them, and led them, is the one who would continue to be with them. Will we remember that our God is faithful in the wilderness and beyond?


Download the May 30/31 message notes here.

Coming Up: Who We Will Be

June 6/7 | Dave Dummitt

Our new senior pastor, Dave Dummitt, is teaching his first message about who we will be from Matthew 3 & 4.

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