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Midweek offers teaching, classes, workshops, and children's programs to help you go further in your faith and relationships.

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Exploring and applying God's Word to our lives.

Every Wednesday night the Willow South Barrington community gathers at 7 p.m. in the Lakeside Auditorium for a church-wide worship gathering.           

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During the summer of 2018, the Midweek community took twelve weeks to study the words, wisdom and warnings from the twelve minor prophets. But what about the others? This summer, Midweek is eager to take a closer look at the themes and direction that Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and the writer or Lamentations (believed by many to be the prophet Jeremiah) have to offer.
What might God want to say to us through His prophets? How will these five books help us cultivate a deeper love for the Scriptures and be more sensitive to the prophetic voices in and around us?
WEEK #8 | JUNE 19 | LAMENTATIONS, PART I (Ashlee Eiland)
WEEK #9 | JUNE 26 | All-Worship & Prayer Night
WEEK #10 | JULY 10 | EZEKIEL, PART I (Ashlee Eiland)
WEEK #11 | JULY 17 | EZEKIEL, PART II (Jared Wilkins)
WEEK #12 | JULY 24 | DANIEL, PART I (Matt Wright)
WEEK #13 | JULY 31 | DANIEL, PART II (Gina Cherian)
AUGUST 7 | No Midweek, gather in the Main Auditorium for GLS Session 0


Classes & Workshops at Midweek!

Growing as a follower of Christ isn’t measured by how much of God’s Word you know; it’s measured by how you live out your faith in your relationships, day-in and day-out. Midweek is all about helping you engage with God holistically—in every relationship in your life.

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Awana and Midweek for Kids

Children experience a fun, encouraging environment designed specifically to help them grow in their faith—while their parents engage in Lakeside worship, teaching, workshops, small groups, or self-study. Learn more here!

Upcoming Classes & Workshops at South Barrington

  • RESTART Community

    June 18 @ 6:00 PM

  • One-on-one Employment Counseling

    June 19 @ 10:00 AM

  • HIRE-WAYS - Helping Individuals Return to Employment

    June 19 @ 5:00 PM

  • Recover

    June 19 @ 7:30 PM

  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development Phase 1, 2 & 3

    June 19 @ 7:30 PM

  • RESTART Community

    June 25 @ 6:00 PM

  • One-on-one Employment Counseling

    June 26 @ 10:00 AM

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