God is doing amazing work around the world through our partners, and you have an opportunity to use your finances to help them make an even bigger impact for God’s kingdom! No matter the amount, our hope is that each one of us can prayerfully give a sacrificial gift to the work of our global partners.


Ways to give!

During the service: During the final weekend of Celebration of Hope you will receive a COH giving envelope that you can use to make a special offering to support our global partners. Use the time during COH to prayerfully consider how you would like to give, and then come prepared to give on April 13/14.


Help make Willow partners’ programs possible, and serve people around the world. Give to the Celebration of Hope general fund, and we will channel it to the areas of greatest need.



You can also designate your gift to the area of your greatest passion. Explore the Main Lobby throughout Celebration of Hope to learn more about the programs Willow supports. Click the program area below to learn what your giving supports!

$25 supplies a water filter for one family in South Africa

$110 provides a drip irrigation system for a church, community or family garden in South Africa

$1,000 provides a 10,000-Liter water tank in South Africa

$7,500 supplies an entire community with a permanent source of clean water in South Africa

$35 trains community members in basic sanitation and hygiene practices in India

$600 constructs a new toilet facility with two separate toilets in a community serving 150 people in India

$7500 builds a permanent multiuse classroom that serves up to 100 teens and young adults and 75 children in Costa Rica

$100 gives a child a hot meal, tutoring, and after-school care 3x/week for a year in Costa Rica

$270 supplies enough teaching materials for 54 churches to provide supplemental classes to vulnerable youth for one month in Cambodia

$600 gives 60 students the education and tutoring they need to stay in school by providing after-school classes in a church five days a week for one year in Cambodia

$75 helps establish and train one savings group of 16 people with the potential to grow $700 in savings within one year in Malawi and Zambia

$200 helps support a business training session that connects would-be entrepreneurs with African business professionals.

$125 supplies one family with 15 hens that provide a surplus of eggs for nutrition and income in Guatemala

$670 establishes one small family-run chicken farm complete with a chicken coop, chickens, and veterinary care in Guatemala

$50 trains 10 farmers in sustainable agriculture practices to increase yields and reduce costs in Africa

$490 helps a family start a poultry farm that produces food and income in Africa 

$450 provides a year of mentorship and training for one church to develop sustainable programs that help alleviate poverty in El Salvador

$25 mobilizes 25 church leaders to engage in local community initiatives that help transform their communities in El Salvador