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We all can get better at relationships. RELATE workshops provide tools and insight to help you build better relationships with those you love. Explore the RELATE events and classes at Willow South Barrington or at your preferred Willow location below.

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Coming September 23!

RELATE | Navigate Difficult Conversations

A one-day workshop with Scott Vaudrey

Difficult conversations with people who are important to us. Important conversations with people who are difficult. Our natural fear of both these scenarios often keeps us from having the hard conversations that can lead to better relationships.

Learn key principles that equip you to navigate difficult conversations with peace, kindness and confidence—and bring unity and healing to the relationships that affect you most. 

What will you learn?

  • How to overcome the fear factor that makes us avoid difficult conversations
  • Questions that help you discern your role in speaking up
  • Two steps you must take before you have the conversation
  • How to employ four practical guardrails that keep conversations from crashing (and know what to do if the conversation starts to head south)
  • Vital tools to guide you through the conversation, from beginning to end

Who should attend? Anyone who has family, friends, or coworkers! This workshop is especially helpful for:

  • Anyone facing a difficult conversation—today or in the future.
  • Anyone experiencing hurt or conflict in a close relationship (friends, work colleagues, spouses/partners, siblings, dating couples, etc.).
  • Parents—especially of teen or adult children.
  • Leaders of any kind—group leaders, volunteer leaders, staff teams, bosses, managers, coaches, teachers, ministry leaders, and more. Basically anyone who works with people!

What's the format? The event is a mixture of high-challenge teaching and practical table discussions. Bring your team or small group; sign up with friends or loved ones; or register on your own!

All day? Seriously? Yes! We'll begin with a continental breakfast, pause for a working lunch, and be done by late afternoon. Invest in yourself for one Saturday—and gain tools that can help you for the rest of your life.

When? 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Saturday, September 23

Where? The Atrium at Willow South Barrington

What's the cost? $15 per person. Your registration fee helps us provide breakfast, lunch, beverages, snacks, and RELATE resources.

How do I register? Sign up here


Past RELATE events

Through RELATE workshops hosted at Willow South Barrington, you can engage in practical, high-challenge teaching with Pastoral Response Director Scott Vaudrey.  

  • Build better relationships with those you love
  • Keep difficult people from tanking your day
  • Navigate conflict with kindness and confidence
  • See God's hand in every part of your story—past, present, and future

Watch the three-week RELATE Midweek series here.




"Gaining insight into how my past still affects my relationships gives me freedom to live differently going forward."

"I finally understand why certain things trigger me—and now I can do something about it!"

"My son and I finally had the conversation we've been needing to have for years."