RELATE: Do the rest of your life better.

RELATE workshops provide tools and insight to help you do the rest of your life better by building better relationships. Explore the RELATE events and classes at Willow South Barrington or at your preferred Willow location below.

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RELATE | Parenting Workshop
How to parent to the uniqueness of your child

7–9 p.m., Wednesdays, February 6, 13, 20
Cost: $15 (scholarships available)
Children’s programming and care available

Investigate the unique way each of your kids views his/her world and gain valuable insight into how to guide, discipline and love them as individuals. Applicable to kids, and parents, of all ages.

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RELATE | Difficult Conversations
Navigating High-Stakes Interactions

7–9 p.m., Wednesdays, March 6, 13, 20
Cost: $15 (scholarships available)
Children’s programming and care available

Need to have a difficult conversation with a person important to you—or an important conversation with a difficult person? Gain tools to help you prepare for and navigate conversations that leave both parties satisfied—and actually improve your relationships.

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RELATE | Origins
When Your Past is Present

7–9 p.m., Wednesday, April 24
Cost: $10
Children’s programming and care available

Discover how your past affects your relationships today—and how to use both the good and painful parts of your story to improve your relationships.

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What's the format?

Each session is a mixture of three components:

  • High-challenge teaching  
  • Brief self-reflection exercises to help you connect each concept with your own experience
  • Practical table discussions let by trained RELATE facilitators

Can I attend with a friend, my spouse, or my small group? 

Yes! Invite each person to register online, then plan to arrive together 30 minute before the first session. Once everyone in your group arrives, a host will seat you together. (If someone in your group wants to become a RELATE facilitator and lead your table discussion, they can EMAIL DEB to learn more.)

Can I attend by myself? 

Absolutely! Plenty of people choose to attend by themselves. A host will seat you at a table where you'll get to know one of our trained facilitators and a few new friends. 

The RELATE Series 


"When I feel disappointed or hurt by someone, I now know how I can respond in helpful ways."

"Gaining insight into how my past still affects my relationships gives me freedom to live differently going forward."

"I finally understand why certain things trigger me—and now I can do something about it!"

"My son and I finally had the conversation we've been needing to have for years."


Past RELATE events

Through RELATE workshops hosted at Willow South Barrington, you can engage in practical, high-challenge teaching to help you do relationships better.  

  • Build better relationships with those you love
  • Manage relational disappointment constructively
  • Navigate conflict with kindness and confidence
  • See God's hand in every part of your story—past, present, and future

Watch the three-week RELATE Midweek series here