REGARD | Hold onto your faith—and your LGBTQ+ child.

Join a safe, confidential group to process your child’s coming out—and learn how to love your child well while embracing your faith.

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REGARD | Hold onto your faith—and your LGBTQ+ child.

When a child comes out of the closet, Christian parents often go into the closet. Not knowing who is safe to talk to, especially at church, we often go silent—both to protect our child and to protect ourselves. We're left wondering, Must I choose between my faith and this child I love? How do I live in the tension between loving my child well—and working through my own emotions, uncertainty, or confusion?

REGARD is a workshop for parents like you. At Willow, we believe it is possible for parents to embrace both their faith and their LGBTQ+ child. Led by therapists and fellow parents with LGBTQ+ children, this multi-week workshop offers:

  • Teaching by leaders, parents, and licensed therapists who've navigated the complexities of having LGBTQ+ children.
  • Self-reflection to help you relate the night's teaching with your own experience.
  • Small-group discussion led by trained facilitators whose stories include raising kids who identify as LGBTQ+.


When does the next REGARD workshop begin?

REGARD's eight-week workshop begins September 9, meeting from 9–10:30 a.m. Click here to register for the upcoming session. 

What's it like to be part of Willow Creek's REGARD workshop?

REGARD provides a safe, confidential space to gain insight and experience togetherness with fellow parents while doing the careful work of facing a new reality with your LGBTQ+ child. Alongside leaders and fellow participants with LGBTQ+ children, you can name your fears, grieve any lost expectations, and find new ways to move toward your child with humility and love.


If you're a parent with a child who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender—or is questioning their gender identity or sexuality—you may have been surprised when your child came out. If you hold traditional beliefs regarding human sexuality or marriage,* your surprise might be compounded by a new sense of tension in your core relationships—the one between you and God and the one between you and your child.

In REGARD, you're not alone. In this caring community of fellow LGBTQ+ parents, you can learn to honor your faith in Christ, while also honoring and loving your child.



  • To learn more about the next REGARD workshop—or to speak with someone about your situation—simply email REGARD Director Chrissie Steyn.
  • To read Willow Creek's Elder Statement regarding *Marriage, Singleness, and Sexual Practice, click here.