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Commemorate the life of your loved one

The death of someone you love ushers in a cascade of complex emotions, and planning a funeral or memorial service to honor, remember, and celebrate loved ones can feel overwhelming. Let Willow's funeral team help you during this difficult time. Our compassionate funeral pastors provide support, comfort, and help in designing a meaningful commemoration to honor your loved one.

Willow Creek officiants (pastors) can help you plan your loved one's memorial or funeral—and can lead your service, whether it's held in Willow South Barrington's Chapel, at your preferred Willow Creek regional location, or elsewhere.

Call (847) 765-5000, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday and ask to speak with a response pastor, who can begin the planning process with you. (After hours, call (847) 765-5000 and our answering service will take your information. A Willow Creek pastor will return your call.)


Consider these options to help you navigate the life-altering loss you've experienced.

REBUILD: Finding life after loss. 

This Wednesday-night workshop offered at Willow South Barrington each spring and fall provides comfort, hope, and practical tools to help you navigate your grief in helpful ways. Learn more.

Grief Counseling

Willow Creek’s Counselor Referral Network (CRN) includes a number of skilled, compassionate therapists who specialize in helping people process a significant loss. Learn more

Child Grief Support

Because kids tend to grieve differently than adults, Willow South Barrington offers a ten-week program for kids (kindergarten-grade 5) that runs concurrent with the adult REBUILD workshop each spring and fall. Learn More