Greetings, Willow Huntley Church Family! We are so excited that you are taking a step in your faith journey by joining a group for a season, studying the Journey Through John, for 6-weeks, that kicks off this February. We believe this is a great place to learn more about Jesus, the Son of God, and how we, as believers, should respond to his teachings. And, we believe that there is so much to learn and areas to grow in, while participating together in a group.

Why Join a Group?

  1. You will take a step in your faith journey
  2. You will get connected in community
  3. You will grow together in your knowledge of the Bible
  4. Fellowship
  5. Prayer

Types of Groups

In an effort to encourage everyone to participate in shared community, we have groups available by special interest, phase of life, location, etc. You will have the option to select your preference, as you navigate through the registration link. We will also have an opportunity for you to meet the HOST of some of the available groups in advance, to get a sense of chemistry and fit, at a meet and greet in January.

HOST - WHAT is a HOST & WHY Sign-Up to be one?

A HOST is someone that has a heart for people, connecting them, and being a part of creating an environment for them to connect with others and with God. This includes some light coordination and facilitation.

Being a HOST is a critical role in groups, yet an easy and accessible one. Not everyone is in a season to HOST, so we hope that those of you that are, would be willing to consider being a HOST for this 6-week study.

What does HOST mean?

Have a heart for people

  • You have a loving and welcoming spirit and want to meet people where they’re at

Open up a place to meet

  • Help coordinate a place to gather, whether at your home or elsewhere (coffee shop, library, restaurant, community rooms, etc.)

Serve something to drink

  • If at your home, offer a simple something to drink
  • If not at your home, choose a location where people can purchase a beverage

Trust that you CAN do this. We will provide you with the content and resources to HOST

Why HOST a group?

  1. You have the unique opportunity to bring people together
  2. You help create an environment for people to grow
  3. You will be provided with all content for the group, as well as HOST resources to facilitate