Sometimes the holidays are challenging.

But you’re not alone. All kinds of struggles can affect the holiday season and make enjoying Christmas harder than usual.

Maybe you’re facing Christmas alone, or without a loved one you miss dearly. Or perhaps you’re facing a financial, mental health, or spiritual challenge. We’ve assembled a host of resources to help you navigate this season.

Below you’ll find links to help find groups, practical resources, articles, and stories from others that know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We hope these resources are a gift to you and help you know that you’re never alone and don’t have to deal with these challenges alone.

Resources to help

REBUILD / Grief Support

Willow Creek South Barrington periodically offers grief support workshops for anyone who has lost a loved one and would like help with grieving, finding community with others in the same situation, and practical guidance on how to navigate seasons of life with loss.

A talk about the process of grieving and the stages of grief is followed each week by a group discussion with others at your table dealing with similar losses.

For more information on REBUILD workshops, and to register for the next session, please click the button below.


RECOVER is a Christ-centered 12-step program open to anyone, 18 and older, no matter the struggle. Sessions start with a small introduction or testimonial before breaking off into small groups that are designed to be issue and gender-specific.

RECOVER is for anyone facing issues like:
· Substance Abuse
· Sexual Integrity
· Eating Disorders
· Unhealthy Relationship with Food
· People Pleasing
· Codependency
· Perfectionism
· Fear/Anxiety
· Isolation
· Directly Affected (in a relationship with an addict)
· Relationally Affected (in a relationship with an abuser)
Mental Health Resources

Let’s normalize conversations around mental health. Whether you struggle to manage stress in your life, find yourself anxious, are battling addiction, or have been living in the depths of depression, you’re not alone.

Your life matters. Even on your hardest days, there is hope. Read our selected blogs below or visit our dedicated mental health resources page by clicking the ‘Find Resources’ link.

Not so Merry: Christmas with Depression

Dealing With Grief at Christmas

Moms at Christmas: Resisting Expectations of Perfection, Avoiding Burnout and Staying Connected

Christmas as a Blended Family: Experiences, Challenges, and How God Uses It All

Pastoral Care

Not sure where to start? Speak with one of Willow’s skilled, compassionate response pastors—and take your first step toward finding the help you need.

Receive Prayer

When you pray, you connect with God at a deeper level, bringing your needs and your gratitude to Him. Experience the comfort and peace prayer can bring. Submit a prayer request and your need will be lifted to God by our dedicated, confidential intercessory prayer team.

Care Center

The Willow Creek Care Center provides short-term relief and long-term solutions by meeting tangible needs and helping you find hope for the future. You can receive groceries, clothing, employment counseling, and more.

Christmas at Willow

Each Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus. He came to be the Prince of Peace and Light of the World. He is the ultimate comfort and source of hope. If you’re in need of hope, we invite you to experience Christmas at Willow at one of our seven campuses, December 22–24.