We all face struggles that hold us back. Don’t let your struggles win. Willow Creek’s 12-step RECOVER program offers a safe, authentic community where you can heal and grow.

RECOVER is a Christ-centered 12-step program open to anyone, 18 and older, no matter the struggle. Sessions start with a small introduction or testimonial before breaking off into small groups that are designed to be issue and gender-specific.

Our RECOVER program meets most Wednesday evenings from 7–8:30 p.m. in rooms B205/207 at our South Barrington location. If you are interested in exploring the ministry, please reach out to Ron Kessler at rkessler@willowcreek.org or Karen Spears at kspears@willowcreek.org. You can also contact us to request recovery resources as well as coaching on how to find a counselor best suited to you.

Give RECOVER a try—and take a step toward doing the rest of your life better.

What is RECOVER, And Who is it For?
RECOVER is based on the Celebrate Recovery curriculum and uses a Christ-centered 12-step program that everyone works through on their journey to recovery.
Adults 18 and older are welcome at meetings, no matter what struggle you’re facing. It is a very safe space, with people experiencing the same struggles as you, and nothing leaves the room.
Regardless of the scope of struggle you face, you ARE in the right place, and you’re not alone. There is no judgment here because this is a space where we can all be vulnerable and transparent.  
RECOVER is for anyone facing issues like:
· Substance Abuse
· Sexual Integrity
· Eating Disorders
· Unhealthy Relationship with Food
· People Pleasing
· Codependency
· Perfectionism
· Fear/Anxiety
· Isolation
· Directly Affected (in a relationship with an addict)
· Relationally Affected (in a relationship with an abuser)
For more on the meetings and information on small group guidelines, please see What is RECOVER, And Who Is It For?