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Now and Not Yet

Recently I attended a spiritual retreat held at a Jesuit retreat center. The centerpiece of the chapel where we held one of our extended prayer experiences was a beautiful...
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Simply Divine

Genesis 1:26 tells us that we are made in the likeness of God. He created, or worked, without grueling or toiling, to create humankind.
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Face to Face

I’m confused. In Exodus 33:20, God refuses to show His face to Moses, but in Exodus 33:11 it says, “The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend.” What in the world is...
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Temporary Pain

Her words stung. Her words were unforgettable. They seemed to sink into the deepest part of me, and no matter how hard I tried to wash them away, they remained.
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The Mayo Clinic researched belonging and found we cannot separate the importance of a sense of belonging from our physical and mental health.
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The Kindness of God

Being a parent required me to say crazy things like, “Don’t lick your feet,” because toddlers think feet taste just fine.
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Citizens of Heaven

I’m not sure about you, but in recent years, I have been more susceptible to frustration with how things are going here on Earth.
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Who’s Moving In?

Two homes sold quickly on our street this week. “Under Contract” signs were already up before I realized my neighbors were long gone.
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A Hard-To-Sleep Night

One recent night, I lay on my bed, staring into the darkness. My mind drifted back to another hard-to-sleep night.