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The Best Offense Is A Good Defense

In most sports games, there are offensive plays and defensive plays. The same idea can be used to describe the spiritual war that wages around us.
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Go And Sin No More

I recently had a powerful conversation with a wonderful friend. Have you ever had a friend who is so like-minded that it’s almost like having a great conversation with yourself?
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You Are Not Alone

In the drawer of my nightstand is a bundle of handwritten notes that was delivered to my house in the fall of 2019. I was in the midst of a dark and difficult season in my mental health journey and...
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Keep Filling Your Tank

When I was in sixth grade, I memorized my first lengthy Bible verse. I didn’t come from a Christian home. God, church, and the Bible were foreign to me, and so was memorizing Scripture.
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Different? Not Good Enough?

I hear the shrillness in my mom’s voice, "Nancy, this is the fifth day this week that you can't find your glasses;.  You’re making us all late for…" 
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Faith That Builds

“Well, Dan, God got a hold of me. I started coming up to camp in 1979 and never looked back.” I loved hearing more of Jimmy’s story in early May as I helped open Camp Paradise for its 48th...
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Thank You For Teaching Me

Our verse today is Jesus’ response to His bothered disciples after the mother of two of them asked Him to give her sons elevated status in Heaven. He taught them that in His upside-down Kingdom,...
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Unfiltered Kindness

The pain was real. You know the kind—a new shoe you’re trying to break into by walking around in it but it’s just too tight. It started off rubbing the heel and quickly turned into chafed skin...
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Reflections From Malawi

A few weeks ago, my husband and I visited Willow’s partners in the country of Malawi, one of the least-resourced countries in Africa. It was an incredible trip. We saw first-hand the fruit of years...