What Will Heaven Be Like?

Willow Creek | September 11, 2023

Pastor Megan Marshman teaches what heaven will be like and if it is good.

Have you ever thought about heaven? Not just wondered vaguely if it’s pretty and perfect, but really considered: what will heaven be like? Will I meet God? Will He sit on a throne? Are the streets really paved with gold? Or even, will I get to heaven? Well, here’s what we know: Heaven is God’s eternal dwelling place. And that’s the absolute best place to be.

As you think about heaven, have you considered that you might not even be able to imagine exactly what it’s like? What if it’s beyond our imagination because it’s utterly perfect, and we live in an imperfect world and just can’t fathom the beauty, splendor, joy and love?

Here’s some great news: The Bible gives us a glimpse into heaven and what we might experience there. And it’s ALL GOOD! In fact, it’s way better than you think it will be. Far better than any human mind can comprehend.

Revelation 21 paints a vivid picture of heaven, and here, Pastor Megan Marshman gets into the details from that verse and some of the many others that reference heaven in the Bible.

If you want to know what heaven will be like, this is the video for you, describing it as far as we can tell from the Bible. If you wonder how to get there or what to say to God when you meet Him, watch this. If you wonder if you’re good enough to even get to heaven, definitely watch this video!

We can’t tell you everything about heaven because we just don’t know the details. But we can tell you what the Bible says about heaven, what we currently know to expect, and how to get there.

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