Three Tips to Move Through Depression

Willow Creek | February 15, 2023

Depression, whether chemical, seasonal, or situational, can keep you from enjoying the fullness of life. Thankfully, hope is possible. According to the National Mental Health Association, more than 80% of people who get treatment find it helpful. Here are a few tips if you’re feeling weighed down:

Work on self-regulating your emotions through therapy, daily routines, and reflection. Spending time thinking and reflecting on your feelings through journaling, talking with friends, and prayer can help ground you. Sign up for daily devotionals to anchor your day in God’s truth, then check out this article for examples to help you process your feelings.

Get moving to help work your emotions out. Our bodies hold our unprocessed stress and emotions—maybe your shoulders are tense, your back aches, or you find yourself fidgeting. Sometimes exercising can actually help move your emotional state

Start talking with friends, mentors, or professionals. Finding a therapist or counselor can be a big step—and finding the right one for you might be a process—but it’s worth it! Check out this article with tips on finding a counselor.