Praying for Sandblast

Willow Creek | July 28, 2021

Willow high schoolers from every campus are heading off to Sandblast this weekend, a four-day summer camp at a nearby college. At camp, they’ll make new friends, memories for a lifetime, and hear just how much Jesus loves them–no matter who they are or where they’re at on their spiritual journey. 

So much time, effort, and resources go into making Sandblast a success. We invite you to join us as a church in praying for this event: for our parents, leaders, volunteers, and students. 

For our Parents: Pray for safe travels as our parents drop off and pick up their kids. Pray also they’re able to engage with their kids when they pick them up; pray they ask about the weekend, encourage future discussions on what they learned, and support the spiritual growth of their kids.

For our Leaders: Pray exceptional strength for our leaders; it takes a lot of energy and patience to keep up with a group of high schoolers. We also ask for prayer that our leaders are able to live by example and that they’ll have answers to the tough questions their group may ask. In addition, pray our leaders are courageous enough to start life-giving conversations of faith within their groups.

For our Volunteers: Pray our volunteers are able to share God’s love with everyone they interact with. Pray they’re able to find strength as they get up early and go to bed late. Pray also that our volunteers are able to see fruit from the time and energy they’re devoting to this weekend.

For our Students: Pray our students feel comfortable within their groups and with their leaders. Pray for unforgettable, life-lasting memories and friendships. Most of all, pray our students are responsive to the messages, worship, and small group activities; pray God will reveal Himself to them and work in their hearts, and that many will say “yes” to Him for the very first time.

Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer. We can’t wait to hear and share the incredible ways God moved over the weekend!