For You Are With Me

Willow Creek | July 27, 2021

This past weekend, guest speaker Ed Stetzer continued Road Trip Radio with a message on Psalm 23. Throughout his message, Ed discussed four truths David revealed about God (the Good Shepherd) in the Psalm: that God is good, nurturing, gracious, and full of blessings. Looking at those four truths, we can also draw this conclusion: God is the Good Shepherd who is ever-present with His sheep. 


This truth is specifically described in verse 4a, where David says, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.” Aren’t those just words of extreme comfort? For You are with me. The God of all creation–who was and is and is to come–is with us, and because He is with us, we are never alone.


Even through a global pandemic, He’s there. When a son or daughter becomes an addict, He’s there, too. When a spouse packs up, leaves, and runs away with somebody else, the Good Shepherd is still right there. No matter the depth or length of the valley, we can find lasting peace in knowing our God is present; He sees us, knows us, and will never abandon us.


We’ve all had those moments where we’re left by ourselves to try and piece together a broken situation. In those moments, though, instead of panic, fear, and hopelessness, remember David’s words: “For You are with me.” God knows the pain you’re holding, the confusion you’re feeling, and the hopelessness that’s trying to claw its way into your heart. Instead of giving in to this world, imagine God’s hand on your shoulder and Him saying, “I am with you.” The darkness melts like wax in His presence; it cannot stand. 


So call out to Him. Cry out to Him. Ask Him for what you need. He is there. 


This world is a place of anxiety and false answers. But let us all take heart in knowing that whatever is going to come around the corner, we can handle it because our God is with us, He’s never left us, and in Him there will be an ultimate victory! 


On our own, there’s nothing we can handle; with God, there’s nothing we can’t.