All kids are made in the image of God – built with purpose and the ability to love God, love others, and change the world. Our desire is to educate kids (up to grade 5), equip parents, and celebrate with the whole family as kids take a next step in their relationship with Jesus through baptism. If you or your junior-high or high-school student is interested in Baptism, learn more here!

Baptism Process

1. Grown-Up Class

We believe kids are cognitively able to understand salvation and put their faith in Jesus—and they might want to make that public through baptism! Our grown up class in an opportunity for parents and guardians to understand what baptism is, why we do it, and how to evaluate your child’s readiness for baptism. Our goal is to partner with you, helping you understand and value the decision your child is making while discerning if this is their next step.

2. Family Conversation

After you’ve attended a grown-ups class, a Willow Kids staff member will have a personal conversation with your family (grown-up and kid) to gain understanding on where a kid is in their relationship with Jesus, why they want to be baptized, and to walk through the next steps for baptism.

3. Baptism

Register your kid(s) for an upcoming baptism and celebrate them taking a next step in their relationship with Jesus!


Baptism Teaching

Watch this video with your kid(s) to learn more about baptism!