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Sleepless Nights

As a mother, wife, sister, business owner, and friend, I find enough reasons to worry—deadlines, finances, health concerns, relationships and other pressures
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Master This

Jesus spent a lot of time talking about money—how to steward it, how to tithe it, how to be generous with it, and so on.
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What word usually comes second in this phrase? Buried ______. Summer seems to bring out the inner pirate in me.
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I find it easier to lean toward forgiveness when I’m in need of it. Have you experienced that too? When I’ve wronged someone, I have a pretty good argument as to why I should easily be forgiven.
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Dance to the Right Beat

I work with a lot of leaders who put integrity at the top of their value list. They want to be known for being a leader of this trait.
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Grab the Baton and Run

I ran track in school, and I always felt like it was both an individual and team sport. When I stepped up to the start line, I felt the pressure—it was up to me.
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Forgive Them Anyway

Forgiveness is hard. It really is. This is because it goes against human nature. Human nature or instinct typically suggests that if someone hits us, we should hit back, harder. 
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We are God’s Children

A few years ago, one of my kids, deeply hurt by something another teen did, told me angrily, “Forget about giving grace, Mom
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Light of Christ

What did Jesus mean when he told his disciples, “let your light shine before others?” Many winters ago, after four or five inches of snow (before snow blowers were common)