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Worth More Than $42,000

In 2021, I fell victim to a wire fraud scam. Before I was supposed to close on my first home, I sent the down payment to who I thought was the real estate attorney.
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Merciful Brokenness

I once worked for an employer whose leader had a policy that I not only disagreed with, but was also a source of harm and discrimination to myself and others whom I worked alongside.
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No Silence

In the book of Obadiah, we learn about the nation of Edom and its actions during the Babylonian invasion. When calamity struck their neighbors, the people of Edom chose to remain passive, doing...
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Dig it Up

I am not an over-zealous yard person, but I like green grass. My neighbor seems to enjoy dandelions! OK, so they don’t really LIKE dandelions, but...
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All Manner of Pride

I was 25, newly divorced, living in a tiny studio apartment with mini-sized appliances, milk crate tables, a giant broken heart, and determination to put the pieces of my life back together.
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Refresh My Heart

We all know how a cool shower refreshes after we spend the day in the sun. Or how a cup of tea refreshes before spending the evening babysitting the neighbor's kids.
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In Christ

Paul sends this letter to a few people: Philemon, a friend and fellow worker; Apphia, our sister; Archippus, our fellow soldier; and, to their home-based church.
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On the Basis of Love

My mother-in-law was bold in making requests. For example, she was famous for asking her kids if they wanted ice cream.
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We are All in this Together

Have you ever witnessed the pay-it-forward movement? Or someone helping a stranger when they are down on their luck?