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No Justice, No Peace

As God’s people on earth today, God also calls us to seek shalom in the world today, to strive for and create a flourishing society.
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Loving Like God

At that moment, I realized God had put me on the stairs and was looking at me with a few people in my mind I could have thrown a suitcase at. I felt Him say, “Haley, do you love me? It hurts my...
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Wisdom Personified

She selects wool and flaxand works with eager hands.She is like the merchant ships,bringing her food from afar.She gets up while it is still night;she provides food for her familyand portions for her...
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To Love God Means to Love Others

This past weekend, Dave Dummitt launched our series, We Are Willow, with a message called “Love God.” There are many ways we can show our love for God: by respecting ourselves, serving and...