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Look at the Birds

I work with people who are particularly stressed. They worry about what people think of them.
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Mom always said…

There are a lot of different kinds of anxieties; some are clinical and need professional intervention...
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Anxiety Tsunami

Do you know me? Probably. I am one of the 40 million adults living in our country with anxiety.
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Hanging out with God

I remember being motivated to be one of those “good” Christians back in high school.
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A Bold Request

I admit that it is in the home that I have learned most of my difficult lessons.
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Stingy Heart

“Stingy!" my inner voice whispered as I drove past the woman at a busy street crossing.
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Everyone is not Someone

It took some time, but I finally tracked down a quote about love that haunts me. It doesn’t frighten me, per se, it just lingers.
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When I was 11, I packed my bags for church camp. No one from my suburban church went with me.
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Show Me The Money

Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21).