Willow Creek curates a list of Christian counselors that we have personal relationships with and re-vet yearly. We asked these therapists to share with us their go-to resources on anxiety—many of which are from a Christian worldview. If you would like to receive Christian counseling referrals for yourself, please call us at 847-765-5000, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday.

If you have resources that have been helpful to you, let us know here!



"When Panic Attacks" by David Burns

"Anxious For Nothing" by Max Lucado

“It’s okay to not be okay” by Sheila Walsh

“Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices that Brought Peace” by J.P. Moreland

“Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer

“Goliath Must Fall” by Louie Giglio

“The Feeling Good Handbook” by David Burns

“Messages to Myself: Overcoming a Distorted Self-Image” by Helen B. McIntosh

“Losing Control & Liking It: How to Set Your Teen (and Yourself) Free” by Tim Sanford



"The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" by Edmund Bourne

“The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook” by Martha Davis, Eshelman, and McKay 



“Streams in the Desert” by Zondervan

“Battlefield of the Mind Devotional” by Joyce Meyer


Podcasts/Video Messages

“Fear Must Fall” by Louie Giglio

“I’m Not Okay but Jesus is...” by Louie Giglio 

“Dealing with Hard Times” Henry Cloud at Willow N. Shore

“Changes that Heal” Henry Cloud at Celebration Church

Henry Cloud talks about anxiety




Misc Tools/Apps

“The Psalms in Color” by Christian Art Publishers

Headspace app

What’s Up? - Mental Health App