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Marriage is full of diverse seasons. No matter which season you’re in, Willow offers workshops and resources to help your relationship thrive.

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No matter the season, grow! 

Marriage is the most intimate of human relationships, and building a thriving marital relationship takes intentionality. Whether you've been married for a week or several decades, Willow offers classes, workshops, and resources that can help you grown in your marriage, building a relationship that will be a legacy for the generations that follow. 

The Marriage Course | Make an ordinary marriage strong, transformational, and thriving through this seven-week workshop. Coming soon!

Building Stronger Marriages | Attend this monthly marriage-enrichment gathering and dive into John Gottman's book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Sign up for April & May workshops here

Click here to download the Keep Us Thriving worksheet.

Join a section community for couples

Gathering with other couples from the same season of life is a great way to make friends, get connected at Willow, and grow closer to your spouse in the process. Learn more about section communities with a marriage focus here.

Nagging issues that won't go away? Restore!

Every marriage faces difficulties and road bumps. Through Willow's RESTORE workshop, couples can reconnect, outsmart unhelpful relational patterns, and gain practical tools to help them gain the critical insight necessary to build a better future. Learn more.

Getting married at Willow

We are excited to walk a pre-marriage journey with you! Research indicates that premarital preparation has a positive impact toward having a thriving marriage. For couples who call Willow their home church and desire to be married by a Willow officiate, our pre-marriage preparation consists of a group class, a one-day couple assessment class, and culminates in a conversation with a pre-marriage mentor who will listen to your journey. (See below if not an attender of Willow Creek.)

Group Class | Defining the Relationship: Where do we stand as a couple?
This workshop will help you look at your relationship and compatibility by exploring communication styles, faith, personality, and understanding the relationships from the family in which you grew up as a child. Learn more here.
One-Day Couple Assessment Class | Getting Ready for Marriage: Moving from Engaged to Making the Ultimate Commitment
As you become engaged and want to begin scheduling a date to get married by a Willow officiate, you will receive a couple assessment. This assessment will be your pre-work for this one day class since this class will help you take a deeper dive into your couple assessment results. At the conclusion of this class you will be able to set up your conversation with a pre-marriage mentor. Learn more here.
Conversation with a Pre-marriage Mentor | Two Becoming One is the final step before you will meet with your officiate and one of our wedding liaisons. This conversation reviewing your journey will be your opportunity to share the story you desire for your future marriage to tell to family and friends.
Optional Group Mentoring available for those in the pre-marriage journey OR during their Early Married Years (7 years or less of being married).

Learn more about the workshops and planning a wedding in Willow's South Barrington Chapel, contact Nancy Wendt at 224-512-1163 or
Our Chapel is generally available on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Saturday afternoons. Chapel wedding fee: $300. Wedding officiate fees: $350

Not an attender of Willow Creek? You are welcome to attend Defining our Relationship workshop and Getting Ready for Marriage one day class. Couples who consider Willow Creek their home church will have the opportunity to complete our pre-marriage preparation.

If you are not a part of a local church community, we invite you to explore Willow Creek by attending weekend services or midweek classes.

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  • Defining The Relationship: Where do we stand as a couple?

    September 8 @ 7:00 PM

  • Getting Ready for Marriage: Moving from Engaged to Making the Ultimate Commitment

    September 23 @ 9:00 AM

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