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Marriage is full of diverse seasons. No matter which season you’re in, Willow offers workshops and resources to help your relationship thrive. We welcome you to explore offerings at all Willow campuses. Click on your preferred location below.

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No matter your season, grow! 

Marriage is the most intimate of human relationships, and building a thriving marital relationship takes intentionality. Whether you've been married for a week or several decades, Willow offers classes, workshops, and resources that can help you grow in your marriage, building a relationship that will be a legacy for the generations that follow.  

Join us for an evening of story, fun, and community.
The first 5 years of marriage are critical as you build the foundation for the adventure of a lifetime: your marriage. Whether you’re still celebrating your honeymoon, stuck in a “This is it?” routine of daily sameness, or going through a little rough patch, the Marriage Connection is a new and exciting monthly gathering designed specifically for couples married 5 years or less. Together, we’ll explore the dynamics of marriage, help you discover things about you and your spouse, and walk with you as you create an awesome marriage. Childcare available. Register here.  

Building Stronger Marriages
This monthly marriage enrichment workshop with teaching & group discussion is a great way to build skills into any season of marriage. To find our more of the monthly topics and dates and to register, click here.

Legacy Years as a Grandparent
Grandchildren learn so much from their grandparents! We have a number of upcoming Grandparent events to help you become an intentional grandparent so that you can pass on what you believe about your faith and marriage successfully. Learn more here.

Do you wonder if your marriage can last? Every marriage faces difficulties and road bumps. Through Willow's RESTORE workshop, couples can reconnect, outsmart unhelpful relational patterns, and gain practical tools to help them gain the critical insight necessary to build a better future. Check out Willow's program called RESTORE here.

Getting married at Willow

Getting married at Willow We are excited to walk your pre-marriage journey with you! There are three steps to the premarital process for those who call Willow Creek their home church.

Step 1: Attend Getting Ready for Marriage workshop.
In this workshop, couples will learn the values from scripture that we believe are the foundation of building a lasting marriage. Teaching along with couple discussion through questions and assessments will bring couples to a place of clearly knowing their strengths and areas of growth for a strong marriage. You have an option of attending a three week, Wednesday night workshop or an all day Saturday Workshop.

Learn more about the Midweek class here. Learn more about the Saturday class here.

Step 2: Online Couple Assessment and Personal Profiles
After attending the Getting Ready for Marriage workshop, couples will take an online relational assessment called The Couples Check Up and each will be asked to complete a personal profile. Completing both the assessment and profiles will move you toward the next step of the process.

Step 3: Conversations with a Pre-marriage Mentor
This is the final step. Each couple is going to be entering their marriage relationship with new learnings from the workshop and online assessment. Couples leave these conversations knowing we are here to champion their upcoming marriage relationship.

To learn more about the pre-marital process and planning a wedding in Willow's South Barrington Chapel, contact Nancy Wendt at 224-512-1163 or [email protected]

When couples complete all 3 steps, they are ready to be connected with their wedding coordinator and wedding officiate.

Chapel information: Our chapel is generally available on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Saturday afternoons. Chapel wedding fee: $300. Wedding officiate fees: $350

If you are not a part of a local church community, we invite you to explore Willow Creek by attending weekend services or midweek classes.

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