reexamen: a time to reflect & respond

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reEXAMEN is designed to inspire you to go deeper in a spiritual discipline through reflection. This on-demand, virtual platform guides you through an experience that challenges status-quo faith. Our hope is that reEXAMEN will equip you with tools and practices to enhance your faith journey.

New reEXAMEN experiences premier on the first Sunday of every month on the Willow Chicago YouTube channel and then can be accessed there on-demand. Check out resources and reflection questions for further engagement below!


Premiered May 3, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, our lives were disrupted and nearly all of activities were relocated to our homes. In this reorientation of our lives, we invite you to pause and re-evaluate.


Consider these reflection questions as you seek to go deeper:

  • What if we were willing to sit in the discomfort of the slowness? 
  • What if we allowed God to enter into the depths of our fears that we have been masking with our overly-scheduled lives?
  • What if we had the courage to do the hard work of allowing God to reshape us into the person we were created to be? 


Premiered June 7, 2020

In this session, we explore how our lives can move from a transactional prayer life to one of constant communion with God, so that everything you do is in union with God.


Consider these reflection questions as you seek to go deeper:


The Journey Inward

  • What are you especially grateful for today?What if we were willing to sit in the discomfort of the slowness? 
  • What has challenged you today?
  • Where did you notice God’s presence?
  • Are there areas where you choose control over dependence on God?

At the Center

Read Psalm 139:1-14

Listen and receive:

You are enough. You are forgiven. You are wonderfully and perfectly made in his sight.

You are free. You are whole. You are loved.

The Journey Outward

  • With what spirit do you want to enter tomorrow?
  • How can the love you have experienced transform your relationships?
  • What impact could this love have on Chicago?

Final Prayer

  • Pray for your friends who have yet to encounter the love and grace of Jesus
  • Pray that no one in the Willow Chicago community would be homeless, hungry or alone
  • Pray for the health and safety for our Bronzeville neighbors
  • Pray for a reduction in violence in the city of Chicago 
  • Pray that a child’s zip code or race would not determine the quality of education opportunities available 

Premiered August 9, 2020

Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. In this session, we explore community. We will look how our actions break community and provide a vision of the community God wants for us. 

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