Celebration of Hope at Willow Creek North Shore

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Celebration of Hope is Willow Creek’s annual global compassion campaign that seeks to bring awareness, engagement, and change through partnerships with churches across the world.

HOPE FOR KIDS is this year’s Celebration of Hope theme. We’ll focus on supporting projects from our partners that have a direct impact on children. Together, we want to eliminate barriers for children around the world to reach their God-given potential.

All gifts, no matter the amount, will be used to catalyze the work of our global church partners on behalf of children! There are two ways to give:
Give Online at WillowNorthShore.org. Click here to give online - be sure to designate Celebration of Hope under "Giving Type."
• Write at check to Willow Creek North Shore and designate "COH" on the memo line. You can drop your check in the offering at church on Sunday morning or mail it to Willow Creek North Shore at 2200 Shermer Rd, Glenview IL 60026.

2018 Giving Initiatives

$100 provides a small library in Cambodia
$700 provides a year of supplemental education for 35 children in Cambodia
$5,000 outfits a classroom at a special needs school in Costa Rica
$20,000 builds an outreach/training center for kids living in a slum in Costa Rica
$200 provides an eco-stove for a family in Guatemala
$500 trains a rural doctor in Guatemala
$3,500 provides a new home (with eco-stove) for a family living in dangerous conditions in Guatemala
$11,000 provides a rural health initiative for an entire province in Cambodia

$5 provides a chicken (laying hen) in Guatemala
$75 sends a box of tomato seeds to South Africa (300 families)
$600 provides a full chicken coop for a family in Guatemala
$10,000 provides full chicken coops for an entire community (17 families) in Guatemala
$10,000 provides shipping cost for Willow North Shore’s seeds to South Africa

$20 provides a water filter for a family in Cambodia
$100 supplies clean water for 5 families in South Africa
$2,000 supplies tank and pump for a well in South Africa
$7,500 supplies a complete well for a community of 500 in South Africa