Celebration of Hope   Willow Chicago

We aim to raise our awareness, to helps us engage and act on global issues that affect vulnerable people.

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Celebration of Hope is Willow Creek’s annual global compassion campaign that seeks to bring awareness, engagement, and change through partnerships with churches across the world. Thank you for engaging your heart and mind in our world’s toughest issues—and playing a part in bringing all-encompassing hope to those in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance. 



Each year, Willow Creek gathers together to pack seeds for families all over the world. Our goal is to end the cycle of poverty by providing both food and a source of income. One person packing seeds for two hours provides food for about 60 families.

Gather your family, co-workers, neighbors and friends and sign up for a volunteer shift (or two!) to make a significant impact to the lives of families struggling with hunger

Have more questions? Contact Michael Goggins, Director of Compassion and Justice, at [email protected].

Seed Packing will be held at Willow Chicago's Permanent Home (1319 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605).