Relational Resources Wheaton

We all go through challenging times, transitions, relational pain, and difficult seasons of life. At some time or another, everyone needs a little help.

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Help starts here. Willow Wheaton offers many avenues of help—no matter how big or small your need. Our pastors will hear your story and provide you with next steps for whatever circumstance you are facing, or whatever need you have.

  • Have a spiritual question?
  • Need prayer?
  • Looking for a workshop, support community, or recovery group?
  • Dealing with relational conflict?
  • Looking for a counselor?
  • Need to plan a funeral?
  • Is your marriage in trouble? Or want some ideas for a little marriage tune-up?
  • In a financial crisis? Or want help planning next year’s family budget?
  • Planning your wedding?
  • Figuring out your next step at Willow?

Whatever your need, one phone number gets the ball rolling: Just call (630) 221-9500 and ask to speak with a Pastor on Call.

Pastor on Call