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Thanks for checking out the RELATE podcast, where we explore how to do life better by building better relationships. Join host Casey Sundstedt and friends for a conversation about all things relationship—friendships, co-workers, marriage, family, and more. You’ll be challenged and encouraged by fresh concepts that make your relational world richer and more rewarding. 

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Unpack how your past has impacted your present—and learn to navigate your family of origins. 

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Episode One: When Your Past is Present

Episode Two: How to Spot When Your Past is Present

Episode Three: Beautiful Beliefs

Episode Four: Healing the Negative Inputs in Our Stories

Episode Five: Why We Need Others to Help Use See Our Stories Clearly

Episode Six: Tools for Maximizing Both the Beautiful and Broken Parts of our Stories



What does your current relational world look like? There’s a lot of information out there about how to be a good friend, but have you ever considered how to also honor yourself and your needs in relationships? Join the RELATE Podcast for season two, “The Me in We,” and learn how you can become more aware of how you influence your relational world. We’ll give some tips on how to balance being a great friend while making room in the relationship for our friends to care for us. Season two of the RELATE Podcast picks up at Episode Seven!

View discussion questions in the show notes for each episode.

Episode Seven: The Me in We | Approaching Friendships in Adulthood with Intentionality

Episode Eight: Do My Needs Count in the Relational Equation?

Episode Nine: How to Get What We Want: Connection in Relationships Without Forgoing Our Own Needs

Episode Ten: Approaching Your Current Relational Realities with Intentionality

Episode Eleven: Turning Disappointment into Deeper Connection

Episode Twelve: Getting Clear On What is Behind Our Disappointment in Relationships

Episode Thirteen: Two Guardrails to Keep You on the Road to Having a Helpful Conversation

Episode Fourteen: Handling Awkward Conversations--Holiday Edition