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"My son and I finally had the conversation we've been needing to have for years."

We all have areas where we could get better at relationships. Through our RELATE workshops (hosted at Willow South Barrington), you can engage in practical, high-challenge teaching to help you improve your relationships. View the three-week RELATE series here.

"Gaining insight into how my past still affects my relationships gives me freedom to live differently going forward."

Relational Skills

The Relational Skills Course at Willow Huntley will help transform the way you love God, yourself, and others. Learn how to increase your self-awareness and others-awareness, how to clarify your expectations, how to listen well, how to fight fair—and so much more.


  • Family of origin
  • Difficult conversations
  • Desires versus expectations
  • Forgiveness

Contact: Mandy Schneider, Discipleship Director (224) 512-1548


  • Build better relationships with those you love?
  • Keep difficult people from tanking your day?
  • Navigate conflict with kind confidence?
  • See God's hand in every part of your story—past, present, and future?

"I reconnected with my brother after seven years."