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"My son and I finally had the conversation we've been needing to have for years."

We all have areas where we could get better at relationships. Through our workshops, you will gain support, encouragement and healing. 

"I finally understand why certain things trigger me—and now I can do something about it!"

Willow Crystal Lake has multiple support ministries available to you and are listed below:

Men's L.IF.E. Recovery Group: Married or single men seeking spiritual guidance in their quest for sexual purity

Marriage Mentoring: for couples.


  • Build better relationships with those you love?
  • Keep difficult people from tanking your day?
  • Navigate conflict with kind confidence?
  • See God's hand in every part of your story—past, present, and future?

I reconnected with my brother after seven years."

Providing a safe place to be heard, encouraged, and supported 


Willow Crystal Lake Care Pastors

To connect with this ministry call our confidential line at (224) 512-2150 .
You may also visit with a Care Pastor after each Sunday service in the Prayer Room ( near the southwest doors inside the Auditorium).