Cancer Support at Wheaton

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Moving from fear to hope

A diagnosis of cancer or can trigger an avalanche of questions and feelings:
"I can't believe it."
"I'm scared."
"What's treatment like?"
"Is God punishing me?"
"How will this affect my family?"
"Will I get through this?"

But Willow Creek's support groups (hosted at our South Barrington location) can help you survive and thrive during your journey. Whether you are directly or indirectly affected by a cancer diagnosis, Willow Creek's support groups are a safe place for individuals—and their families—to share with one another, support one another, and learn together from their experiences.


Cancer Support helps adults cope with the emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical challenges that may accompany a cancer diagnosis. Through large-group teaching, a devotional time, and small-group discussion, participants can experience joy, hope, and healing in this caring, Christ-centered community.

Cancer Support gatherings

Cancer Support meets from 10–11:30 a.m. on most second and fourth Saturdays of each month in Room B205 at Willow South Barrington. Confirm room location at lobby monitors.  


Email [email protected] to learn more. 


Pastoral Care at Willow Wheaton

Willow Wheaton pastor-on-call: (630) 221-9500

2020 Cancer Support dates

January 25, 2020 
February 8, 2020 
February 22, 2020 
March 14, 2020 
March 28, 2020 
April 25, 2020 
May 9, 2020 
June 13, 2020 
June 27, 2020 Picnic
July 11, 2020 
July 25, 2020 
August 22, 2020 
September 12, 2020 
September 26, 2020 
October 10, 2020 
October 24, 2020 
November 14, 2020 
December 12, 2020