Our Partners

We have two fantastic partners in Zambia and Malawi. Learn more about them below!

Jubilee Centre (Zambia)

Jubilee Centre empowers 254 churches and their leaders in Zambia to bring food security, education, and clean water to their communities.

They’re making a difference by…

training farmers in conservation agriculture, allowing them to sustainably grow food for their families and small businesses without the use of expensive and harmful pesticides and chemicals. They train students in advocacy through their Junior Parliament program. These students are already helping to pass legislation around climate change, women and children’s rights, and more. Through the faithful work of clean water and sanitation initiatives, Jubilee Centre has provided clean water to hundreds of thousands of Zambians and rescued scores from preventable diseases like Cholera.

Ways to pray for Jubilee Centre

Pray that the leaders who have been trained can continue to raise up the next generation of Zambian leaders who will bring food security, education, and justice to their country in the name of Jesus.

Tubepoka Development Initiative (Malawi)

Tubepoka Development Initiative is an indigenous Malawian non-governmental Christian organization formed by a network of 419 churches in the remote northern region called Chitipa. They focus on training pastors in community development and empowering them to transform their communities.

They’re making a difference by…

  • Training 1296 leaders in 2023 around things like community development, agriculture, clean water, and sanitation
  • Building and repairing clean water wells, resulting in 40,294 people having access to clean water in 2023
  • Working with Hope International, they had 16,149 people in savings groups, resulting in an average savings of $30.22 per person in communities where people are living on less than $0.27 per day.

Ways to pray for TDI

Pray for their efforts to create agriculture training hubs that also serve as an income generator to fuel more Kingdom work. As always, also pray for rain and the pastors/leaders in the region of Chitipa.

Other Partners

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