Building Together

Celebration of Hope is a time to open our eyes to the movement of God through the local church around the world! From rural Zambia to the urban centers of India (and everywhere in between) God is on the move through local churches thinking creatively about how to fight poverty and injustice so that lives are transformed and Jesus is made known. Communities are providing the next generation with better educational opportunities, people are pooling resources to empower entrepreneurs to start businesses, churches are purchasing land to dig wells so that more people have access to clean water, no matter their background or beliefs, and all this is made possible when followers of Jesus decide to build a better future, together!

On the Weekends

During weekend services, we’ll hear stories and teaching from God’s Word about the power of pursuing a life of compassion and justice. To learn more about weekends and find a service near you, click the button below.

  • April 14:Know
  • April 21:Grow
  • April 28:Give
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Pack seeds, change lives:

April 21–April 27

Help provide thousands of pounds of food and a sustainable source of income to families in South Africa, Malawi, and Zambia by signing up to pack seeds! This easy volunteer opportunity is great for kids and students!

Serving times will be posted in early March.

Fasting for Change

About one in ten people around the world suffer from hunger—and that’s not ok.  When Nehemiah was faced with injustice, he first fasted and prayed.

This year at Celebration of Hope, we are fasting and praying from April 15–20. You can eat simply or sacrifice something else, all in an effort to grow your heart for the challenges faced by people who are food insecure around the world. Just like Nehemiah, we will fast before taking action, then collectively give an offering to our global partners, ensuring that less people go hungry, every day.

Stories From Our Partners

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When you give to Celebration of Hope, you directly fuel the impact of our partners in their communities. Every gift—from $1 to $10,000—makes a difference. Our goal is that 100% of our congregation would make a sacrificial gift so that we can hit our goal of raising $1 million for our global partners! Giving opens April 14.

Three ways to give:

  • Online | Click here and select “Celebration of Hope” in the dropdown.
  • In person | Drop a check with “Celebration of Hope” in the memo line in the offering box at any Willow location.
  • By mail | Mail a check with “Celebration of Hope” in the memo line to 67 Algonquin Rd. South Barrington, IL.

The Impact of Giving

Because you gave in 2023…

  • 6,256 children acquired access to quality year-round education
  • More than 200,000 people grew 150 million pounds of food from 1,082,880 envelopes of seeds distributed to our partners in Zambia & South Africa
  • 43,578 people gained access to clean water
  • 3,190 leaders were trained
  • 16,309 people participated in savings groups, saving nearly $500,000
  • 9,100 Refugees received food, clothing, and access to mental health services
  • 7,067 churches are the hope of the world through our partner networks

How will you change the world this year?:

  • $1.25 helps someone join a savings group in Malawi where they are able to save an average of $30.22 per year
  • $35 trains a farmer in Zambia in sustainable farming practices
  • $100 provides church planting and discipleship training for a refugee in Jordan
  • $295 builds a bathroom in India, creating safety and dignity for women and children
  • $500 provides a classroom of 16 children with access to technology for education in Costa Rica
  • $2,650 empowers 10 church leaders through a year’s training in community development, directly impacting more than 1,520 people in El Salvador
  • $7,300 drills a deep well that provides over 2,600 people with piped clean water


Our Partners

The Global Compassion & Justice ministry fights poverty and injustice in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East through partnerships with locally-run organizations and networks of churches united by a common goal to serve their communities together in Christ. Discover how your generosity and service can help support and encourage local churches to amplify their impact in their communities.

Select a region of the world to learn more about our partners and how you can support them in prayer!

Global partners


Hear stories of transformation from our partners in Africa!

Asia & the Middle East

Hear stories of transformation from our partners in Asia and the Middle East!

Latin America

Hear stories of transformation from our partners in Latin America!

Learn from God’s Word

When you open God’s Word, you quickly see His heart of compassion and justice. God doesn’t want to simply bring peace and joy in Heaven—He wants to bring restoration on Earth as it is in Heaven. Subscribe to the Daily Devotional and deepen your faith and understanding of God’s mission to transform our world.

Learn with your Small Group

One of the best ways to expand your worldview is in relationships with others. Over the next few weeks, spend time sharing your learnings and questions in your small group. Click here to receive the weekly group guides.

Not in a small group? Our groups directory opens May 5. Learn more about groups here.