Celebration of Hope 2022

See What God Grows

Celebration of Hope is a time to learn, serve, and fuel the work of our global partners who are fighting poverty and injustice each and every day. Come hear the stories of hope and transformation planted by our partners, watered by Willow, and grown by God—then roll up your sleeves and help fill 1 million envelopes of seeds that will bring food and income to families in Africa.

On the Weekends

During weekend services, we’ll hear stories and teaching from God’s Word about the power of pursuing a life of compassion and justice. To learn more about weekends and find a service near you, click the button below.

  • April 24: Ron Bueno | Executive Director of Willow’s Global partner, ENLACE.
  • May 1: Shawn Williams | Campus & Teaching Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

Pack seeds, change lives:

Volunteer: April 27–May 1

Did you know spending two hours filling seed envelopes could provide thousands of pounds of food and a sustainable source of income to families in South Africa and Zambia? Gather your friends and families to help fill one million envelopes of seeds, supporting 200,000 families.

Register now at the location and time that works for you:

More About Seed Packing


When you give to Celebration of Hope, you directly fuel the impact of our partners in their communities. Every gift—from $1 to $10,000—makes a difference.

Three ways to give:

  • Online | Click here and select “Celebration of Hope” in the dropdown.
  • In person | Drop a check with “Celebration of Hope” in the memo line in the offering box at any Willow location.
  • By mail | Mail a check with “Celebration of Hope” in the memo line to 67 Algonquin Rd. South Barrington, IL.

The Impact of Your Giving

What might God grow this year?


$500 gives 50 students the tutoring they need to stay in school by providing after-school classes in a church five days a week for one year in Cambodia.
$100 gives a child a hot meal, tutoring, and after-school care 3x/week for a year in Latin America.
$140,496 total construction cost for permanent church-run public school in the DR.

Food Security

$125 supplies one family with 15 hens that provide a surplus of eggs for nutrition and income in Latin America. These hens produce 12-15 eggs every day.
$50 trains 10 farmers in sustainable agriculture practices to increase yields in Africa,

Clean Water

$25 supplies a water filter for one family in South Africa.
$110 provides a drip irrigation system for a church, community or family garden in South Africa.
$10,000 supplies an entire community with a permanent source of clean water in South Africa (including the training and maintenance of the well).

Leadership development

$25 mobilizes 25 church leaders to engage in local community initiatives that help transform their communities in El Salvador.
$450 provides a year of mentorship and training for one church to develop sustainable programs.

Economic Development

$75 helps establish and train one savings group of 16 people with the potential to grow from $0 to an average of $700 in savings within one year in Malawi and Zambia.
$200 helps support a business training session that connects would-be entrepreneurs with African business professionals.


$35 trains community members in basic sanitation and hygiene practices in India.
$600 constructs a new toilet facility, with two separate toilets, in a community serving 150 people in India.


Our Partners

The Global Compassion & Justice ministry fights poverty and injustice in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East through partnerships with locally-run organizations and networks of churches united by a common goal to serve their communities together in Christ. Discover how your generosity and service can help support and encourage local churches to amplify their impact in their communities…

From God’s Word

When you open God’s Word, you quickly see His heart of compassion and justice. God doesn’t want to simply bring peace and joy in Heaven—He wants to bring restoration on Earth as it is in Heaven. Subscribe to the Daily Devotional and deepen your faith and understanding of God’s mission to transform our world.

From your Small Group

One of the best ways to expand your worldview is in relationships with others. Over the next few weeks, spend time sharing your learnings and questions in your small group. Click here to receive the guides.

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