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Who is your hope in?

Today's passage comes from Job and is from his “friend” Bildad. He was visiting Job, who was at his lowest point in life.
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The old rabbi stood stout. His hands punctuated his wisdom. "You see, Eddie, though you’re not Jewish, keep these words.
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Keep Your Dream in Check

You have probably run into someone who knows God’s divine dream for their life. And you’ve likely met someone who is emphatic that His dream for their life is or should be God’s divine dream for...
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What do You Want Me to Be?

As children, we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up. As adults, it can be amusing to hear their imaginative responses, and how their dreams evolve as they grow older.  My son is...
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Just Love

When my first marriage ended, I was heartbroken, confused, and lonelier than I’d ever been. I didn’t think I could feel any sadder, until my ex-husband re-married, surrounded by many mutual...
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An Abundant Kingdom

As a younger sibling, my daughter has never known what it is like to have me all to herself, and while I have poured myself out in so many ways, somehow her little heart is wired towards scarcity. She...
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If Jesus Drove a Snow Plow

I watched the snowplows weave seamlessly in and out of driveways from my townhouse window. The tires rotated every which way, unthreatened by the slippery mush underneath. Inches of snow seemed to...
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The Lord Our Help

It’s really hard to turn the other cheek and it is even harder to bless those who wrong me. But this is what Paul is talking about in this passage. He said that “vengeance is the Lord’s.”...
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Wounds from a Friend

Some of us are more comfortable with confrontation than others. No matter our comfort levels, there are times when confrontation is the most loving thing we can do for another person.