Spying On God

Ed Miskovic, Volunteer Writer, Huntley | May 15, 2024

Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; love and faithfulness go before you. Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, Lord. They rejoice in your name all day long; they celebrate your righteousness. 
Psalm 89:14-16

I remember when I learned to “spy the hand of God” in my life. I had learned four ways to become aware of God’s presence while teaching an adult Sunday School videotape series, which I also sold for a Christian publisher. 

The first way to see God was in any obvious answer to prayer. I remember in a small group we prayed and fasted for a bone marrow transplant for a teenager with leukemia. The donor was 2,000 miles away. The sooner the transplant took place, the better. The airplane transporting the stem cells needed to stay at low altitudes to preserve them. Glory to God, He answered our prayer.

The second thing to look for is any unexpected evidence of His care for us. Maybe your car won’t start while you are out shopping. If it stalls within a few feet of a car repair shop, and they fix it at an affordable price, you might agree that it is unexpected evidence of God’s care for you.

The third way is God providing help to do His work in the world. For example, a church in Africa may look at Willow’s Celebration of Hope as God’s way of supporting their local ministries. A despondent pastor may be rejuvenated by attending the Global Leadership Summit. 

The fourth is unusual linkage or timing—or, “only God” moments. What does that mean? Well, twenty years after learning and using these ways, I realized that I needed to hear them again as they had blurred in my mind.  Shortly thereafter, I was at a Spiritual Gifts class at Willow, seated across the table from two women chatting.  The voice of one was distinctive. I recalled that it was one from the videotape study that I had taught so many years ago. “You were in the video series about I Spy the Hand of God, right?” I asked the woman. “Yes,” she replied. Without hesitating I asked, “Can you remember the four ways of spying the hand of God?” She did. I celebrated—this was definitely an “only God” moment!

In today’s verses, we are told that those of us who learn to proclaim God’s goodness will “walk in the light of (the Lord’s) presence.” Spying the hand of God in our lives shows us His presence and leads us to celebrate His righteousness.

Next Steps

Create an “I Spy the Hand of God” journal. Include answers to prayer, unexpected evidence of His care, God-given help to do His work in the world, and unusual linkage or timing. As you reflect on what you’ve recorded over time, notice how much joyful celebration you do every day. You will know God is present in your life.