Elder Selection Update: 2024 Candidate Affirmation

Willow Creek | April 24, 2024

Last fall, we began our Elder Selection Process to seek out qualified individuals to join the Elder Board later this year. After a thorough and prayerful vetting process, which included more than 100 candidates, three individuals were selected by the Elder Selection Committee as Elders-in-Training.

Meghan Terry Davis began attending Willow in 2018. She has used her spiritual gift of hospitality in serving on the Guest Experience team. Meghan is an attorney and partner at Hoogendoorn & Talbot LLP. Her spiritual gifts include hospitality, giving, discernment, encouragement and leadership. Meghan, her husband, Ward, and their three young children attend the Wheaton campus.

Mark DeBoer began attending Willow in 1996. He has used his spiritual gifts of leadership, faith and discernment in a variety of roles around Willow, most recently as a JHM small group leader. He has also previously served in Willow Kids, the Care Center, and on the worship team as a vocalist. Outside of Willow, Mark volunteers on the board of an orphanage in Uganda. Mark works as the Senior Vice President of Sales at Darwill. Mark and his wife, Jenny, have three children and attend our South Barrington campus.

Donna Williams and her husband, Jaison, and their two children have been part of the South Lake campus since moving to the Chicagoland area in 2016. She has been involved in a variety of serving roles at Willow. She currently serves as a small group leader in Willow Kids and has served as an adult group leader. Donna also volunteers outside of Willow as a Teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship. She worked in brand management for over 20 years at two Fortune 500 companies, has worked for local government and non-profit organizations, and is a certified executive coach. Donna’s spiritual gifts include leadership, wisdom, discernment, hospitality, and teaching.

As Elders-in-Training, Meghan, Mark, and Donna will engage in an onboarding and development process over the next six months, leading toward becoming full elders later this year. If you are aware of anything that would disqualify Meghan, Mark, and Donna from serving on the Willow Creek Elder Board, or you have any concerns about a candidate doing so, please speak to them directly as soon as you are able. If this conversation does not allay your concerns, please submit your concerns to emily.southfield@willowcreek.org by May 8, 2024 and we will have an elder reach out to you for a conversation.

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