What is Good Friday?

Willow Creek | March 8, 2024

What is Good Friday, and even more, why is it called “Good Friday?” The Easter season focuses on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Where Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus resurrecting from the grave, Good Friday is the day we remember when Jesus was betrayed by Judas, arrested, and crucified on the cross. 

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When you ask, “What is Good Friday?” you might also be wondering why it’s called Good. The term “Good Friday” comes from a time (over a thousand years ago) when the word “good” (in this context) meant “Holy.” Essentially, Good Friday is the same as saying Holy Friday (a day of reverence and respect). 


Good Friday is seen as a holy day because it’s one of the pivotal days all of Christianity is based on: the death of Jesus. Jesus was betrayed and arrested early Friday morning (arrested on charges for claiming to be the Son of God–Luke 22:70-23:2), He was condemned to death hours later, crucified after, then died late into the afternoon.

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Thankfully, the story doesn’t end there! After Jesus died, His body was taken and placed in a tomb. On the third day (Easter Sunday), the tomb was found empty; Jesus had risen and was alive again–He proved He was the Son of God by overcoming death (John 20:1-18)!


What is Good Friday? To summarize, it’s the day we remember Jesus dying on the cross. Although it’s a sad day, we remember to be hopeful because Easter is coming soon!


In the Bible, you can find the full story here: John chapters 18 and 19.

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