How Are You REALLY Doing?

Haley Bodine | August 15, 2022


Your car has a display called the tachometer. This gauge measures how fast your engine is firing. A portion of this gauge indicates if an engine is working too hard—-redlining. This is fine for a short stint, but if that speed holds for too long and too far, the engine will break down, fail, and burn out. 

As much as we wish we were invincible, we humans have an internal engine—a soul—that, if driven too far for too long, will burn out and stop functioning. And so we ought to figure out how to read our gauges to evaluate how we are really doing. 

There are four key areas of life that all impact one another. Here are a few questions for each area to evaluate areas that may be misfiring: 


  1. Do I have someone in my life I can share the “real” stuff with? Is there someone who will celebrate the wins and grieve the losses with me? 
  2. Have I been isolating myself from others at work, friends, or family?
  3. Is there anyone I need to apologize to? 
  4. Is there any relationship that needs me to establish healthy boundaries?
  5. Are there relationships that I am neglecting that need to be a higher priority?  


  1. How am I sleeping? Am I prioritizing rhythms of physical rest? 
  2. Am I eating healthy foods, healthy portions, and drinking water? 
  3. Am I stewarding my body well with exercise and movement? 
  4. Is there any food or beverage that has become a go-to source of comfort or escape? 


  1. Most of the time I feel ___________________. 
  2. Do I have more worries or anxiety than usual?
  3. Do I think true things? Do my thoughts about myself, others, and God align with what the Bible says? 
  4. When stress or pain occurs, I tend to respond by ___________________. 


  1. When I think about my relationship with God, I feel ______________________. 
  2. Am I spending time in prayer and regularly reading what God says in the Bible? 
  3. Am I regularly gathering to worship with other Christ-followers? 
  4. Do I see evidence of God’s Kingdom in my life through the thoughts that I think, the words that I say, or the choices that I make?  

So, how are you really doing? 

Whether you are thriving or struggling right now, I encourage you to check out for resources on how you can take next steps with Jesus towards health.