Willow Creek | August 10, 2021

This past weekend, Shawn Williams concluded Road Trip Radio with a message on Psalm 150. Throughout his message, Shawn explained how we should praise God through all things simply because He’s worthy of our praise: He’s the Creator of everything, faithful and true, and our one Salvation. However, when we pursue our earthly passions and desires, we often put them ahead of the praise we should be giving God.


Psalm 150 is only six verses, but it’s such a powerful chapter on when to praise God, what to praise Him for, and how to praise Him. According to the Psalm, praising God should be a priority. Then how come it often becomes secondary to so many different things? We’re quick to praise our athletes, politicians, and celebrities, but for so many of us, praising God only happens for a few minutes on Sundays. What does the Psalm say, though? It opens and ends with the same words: “Praise the Lord.” It doesn’t say, “Praise the Lord when you feel like it,” or “Praise the Lord on Sundays,” or “Praise the Lord when you finally get that promotion;” it simply says, “Praise the Lord.”


Praise the Lord. The Hebrew word being Hallelujah. Looking at Psalm 150, we should praise God because of His acts of power and surpassing greatness (verse 2). The verse is written in the present tense, meaning God is still powerful and great, and because He is, He still deserves our praise. We’re not just praising God because He was powerful or He was great; we’re continually praising Him today because He continues to be, and will continue to be. He doesn’t need to give us any more than He already has, or heal anyone else, or fill our bank accounts just a little more; He deserves our praise–right now–just because He is who He is.


Even if we’re in a hard place, we can find reason to praise Him. We can wake up and praise Him for the sun. We can praise Him for the air in our lungs. We can praise Him for the people in our lives, the jobs we have, the homes we inhabit, the vehicles we drive, the clothes we’re wearing, and so much more. Praise the Lord.


During Thanksgiving, many of us take extra time to be thankful; instead of once-a-year, let’s make this a once-a-day event. Let’s praise Him and thank Him and exalt His name daily. There is so much to be thankful for, right where we are. 


And if it’s tough to find what to be thankful for, how about this: God sent His son, Jesus, to live and die for us out of extreme and unabashed love. Because of Jesus, we have enough to be thankful for today, tomorrow, and for all eternity. When we think about Jesus and all He’s done for us, during any day at any time, may this word be joyfully expressed from our mouths: Hallelujah!